How to choose the best CCTV system for your home safety?

There are different types of video surveillance cameras for your home. Some even allow you to monitor your home from the cell phone. After years of work and savings, may be you have finally managed to move to the house of your dreams. You have everything ready, the new furniture, appliances, electronic equipment, etc., but there is a concern that goes round your heads every day when you watch the news: the fear of being victims of a robbery.

If you are getting a threat call from any number, you can easily find the culprit by just simply put the number in the reverse phone lookup software. But, what will you do in order to make your house safer?

CCTV digital security cameras is the solution

It is the most traditional in video surveillance. It allows you to observe on your TV, computer and cell phone what happens in your home from anywhere and at any time you want.

Cameras with IP technology

They are cameras that connect directly to your Internet router as if they were a computer. They usually offer a resolution of 1080p, which allows you to zoom in to see, for example, moles or tattoos of thieves. Some of them even have an angular lens that records at 180 degrees.

4K Ultra HD cameras

It can cover a space four times larger than 1080p cameras and double the zoom distance. These types of cameras also have an infrared function (IR-LED) that allows you to capture sharp images even in the dark.

Hidden cameras

The best way to record with discretion is through cameras that are placed inside smoke detectors, mirrors, plugs, etc. The non-visible video surveillance cameras act as spy cameras and record all the movements of thieves.

WIFI camera

They are characterized by not being connected by a cable and transmit the data via WiFi. They are the most used inside the house, but their resolution depends a lot on the capacity of your Internet connection.

Video alarm cameras

They have sensors connected to a camera that trigger an alarm and record a video when they detect an intruder. The user is notified on the cell phone and can call the police, listen to the thieves or talk to them, if you wish, because these cameras have two-way audio.

Conclusion: self-protection measures

Just as it is important to install a video surveillance camera to combat citizen insecurity, it is also necessary to take basic precautionary measures such as the following. Keep doors and windows closed. 80% of buildings do not have an appropriate security resource. These have long-standing or very young guards with which there is a false sense of security.

Do not provide personal or routine information on social networks. Establish an emergency protocol between your family and neighbors. Be cautious with delivery people. Not everyone does it, but there are cases in which distributors film and take pictures of buildings or departments and then commit a criminal act. You know, there are many mechanisms to protect your home that you can choose, but your own self – care measures are also key.