How to Build a Bar Top

If you aren’t too bad at DIY and want to build your own stunning bar complete with a beautiful bar top you’ll need some high-quality tools, excellent materials to work with and a basic knowledge of interior design to pull the entire project together. But first you will need to think of a theme or style.


Designers often use the slightest hint of an idea from their clients to inspire an original design. It could be something they say in conversation such as how they have always had ecological sympathies or an admiration for the Clifton Suspension Bridge. Creative thinkers don’t need too long to translate such phrases into inspiring designs. An ecological bar would feature reclaimed railway sleepers to create a distinctly rugged atmosphere. The bar top itself might be of frosted, recycled glass to soften the effect with diamond-like reflections. The back bar display of glass shelving would be fixed to a wall of restored brick and there would be ferns and trailing pot plants to add an environmentally-friendly touch. A design based on the Clifton Suspension Bridge would have to feature a bar top of zinc which has the most elegant grey-blue sheen. The bar itself would look stunning with an additional wrought iron framework around it while the shelving on the wall behind would have a trellis of metal with a display of antique bottles for decoration.

Luxurious but affordable Materials

Now you’ve got your design sorted out you have to assemble the best materials you can afford. Experienced installers of bespoke bars usually have an established network of contacts which allows them to source the finest materials at cost-effective prices. They also know the market so thoroughly that they are always aware of the latest trends and where they can find unusual materials to make a bar unique. Silestone is a natural quartz stone in an array of delicate hues that sparkle with the right type of lighting but that might not be a material you would immediately think of. And what about brass or anodised aluminium? However, there is nothing wrong with choosing to build your bar of wood as there is an amazing choice these days including walnut which has a rich, deep colour. But does your local DIY merchant stock it?

Experienced Installation

Well, you’ve got everything assembled and you’re ready to start building even though there isn’t much of the weekend left. Finding the right spot to begin can be difficult if you intend to include water pipes for a small bar sink and the electric points for lights. Watching an expert team of bar installers at work makes the most complicated job look effortlessly streamlined. They measure, saw and drill everywhere at once and before you can say “Make mine a double!” they’ve finished. Award-winning Dawnvale can come to your rescue by designing and installing the unique bar you’ve always wanted.