How to Amp up Cabin Style in Your Home

Staying in a cabin far away in the woods can have you feeling relaxed in no time at all. If purchasing a second home or finding time to slip away from work to a cabin retreat is not in the cards for you, you can still enjoy cabin life in your own home. Some simple design and decor tips can change the entire look of your home and will have you feeling as if you are at home in the woods even if you live deep in the heart of a metropolitan or suburban area.

Distressed finishes on your furniture can help you pull a cabin-style look out of seemingly nowhere. These days, you can create this type of finish on almost any type of wooden product, including cabinets, coffee tables and headboards. If the distressed look is simply not for you, oak stains can also help you pull off the rustic vibe.

Your home or cottage will look like a cabin in no time if you have plenty of exposed wood. While wooden plank walls or even log walls are the traditional options, you may want to step a bit outside the box with an exposed wooden ceiling beam, which can often be added to your home if your ceilings are tall enough.

However, you do not have to revamp your home design or your furniture completely, which can spell disaster to a budget. Instead, little changes can be just as effective in changing the look of your home. Consider changing out the knobs on your cabinets, your curtains and drapes, your lamps, your blankets and your bedspreads. Adding a few of these low-budget items, such as antler drawer pulls , can have a profound effect on your home’s look. Decor that includes unfinished wood, mason jars or leather is also hot.

Most cabins are known for their cozy atmospheres, warm lighting, profusion of blankets and rugs and rustic-styled decor. With these simple tips, you can get that same look in your own home.