Every waking moment we are worried about the well-being of our loved ones. Especially when about to install an electric conception under the floor, one tends to worry a lot more about potential hazards. Even before the heating system has been installed we worry about water somehow seeping into it and water and electricity is a deadly combination. Before we install a floor heating Vancouver , we tend to wonder about how safe the system really is. The great thing is that a lot of safety features are included in a floor heating system, following are a few of them:

  1. Does not reach extremely high temperature:
    Every heating system comes with a maximum setting and does not even reach an extremely high temperature. The highest most heaters can go is 40 Celsius, so the risk of the floor catching fire is absolutely nil.
  2. Shock or no Shock:
    While getting an electric floor installed, one of the most common anxieties that it gives rise to would be that of one getting an electric shock. Though it is an understandable worry, there are steps taken to prevent it. A PVC or fluoropolymer outer jacket covers the wire in the floor which runs across the house to protect it against electrical resistance.
  3. Circuit Breakers:
    Even though the wire is covered by a PVC, we still tend to worry about the “if it breaks then what”. Even if the PVC breaks it would increase the chances of you getting an electric shock as the heating system features built-in Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI), which is a circuit breaker that will cut off the power the moment it detects a breach.

Is it safe to install a floor heating system in the bathroom?

We all despise cold bathroom floors. When thinking about installing a floor heating system in the bathroom, there are many safety concerns that arise as there is a possible risk of water and electricity combining. To put your mind at ease, it is crucial that you understand that a well installed system does not pose any risk at all. Installing floor heating system in the bathroom and kitchens is now a very normal thing.

What about previous safety records of a floor heating system?

Underfloor heating systems have a great safety record as it has been around for decades. If by any chance any slight discomfort has arisen, it has been dealt with immediately calming the worries of the home owners and making the heating system reliable and safe. It is normal to have concerns about the safety of the floor heating system, but previous track record proves that the underfloor heating system is not only an efficient way to heat the house but is also extremely safe.