How Do You Add More Storage Space In Designer Kitchens?

Are you finding less storage space in your designer kitchen? There are many things to consider when you are looking for increasing storage space in designer kitchens. You must pay attention to the layout of your kitchen.

Storage space for large appliances, utensils, pans, and gadgets must be chosen wisely. Your kitchen must also look beautiful and must match with your personality.

Here are some ideas that can help you to increase the storage space

  1. You can take your cabinets to the ceiling

You must store the daily things of use within your reach. Reserve the cabinets at height for the things that are seldom used.

  1. Free the cabinets from the pots

You can use a rack mounted from ceiling to hang pans and pots. You can use that extra space to store something else.

  1. Use island for extra storage

Islands are very handy and serve as an extra space to hold dishes and cookware. You can select a slim island with additional shelves.

  1. Drawer inserts and Cabinet organizers

You must incorporate more drawer inserts and cabinet organizers. You can store many things in them. It can hold more than half of your kitchen accessories.

  1. Up gradation of corner cabinets

You can include swing out organizers to store your kitchen items. You can efficiently use the corners of your kitchen without twisting. You can look for rails on shelves to keep your kitchen items in position.

  1. Hold your knives wisely

You can use a magnetic strip to store your knives. You can also use the space for holding utensils and spices. You can take the help of hooks and racks.

  1. Store glass bottles on the top of window

In the case you have a small kitchen, make the storage place above the window. You can store bottles of vinegar or olive oil.

  1. Incorporate storage space inside the benches

If you have dining benches in your kitchen, then add storage space inside these benches. You can add a hinged top for increasing the storage space under the cushion. You can also add drawers under the benches.

  1. Create storage space beneath stairs.

If your kitchen is situated near to stairs, then create the space around them. You can use that space for storage. By making shelves and putting baskets, you can hold a lot of stuff.

  1. Choose the smaller versions

If you are thinking to revamp your kitchen, then pick smaller appliances. It will leave more space in your kitchen. You can pick a slim fridge that can give the space to add the cabinet for dishes. You can use 18-inch dish water instead of 30 inches. You can also choose multi-functional gadgets to save more on storage space.

  1. Create a storage space in the dead end

You can use the place under the window by building drawers or cabinets.

The above ideas will help to increase the storage space in your designer kitchen. These ideas will also increase the beauty of your kitchen.