Hottest interior trends for 2018

The world of interior design is an oft-changing one, as peculiar trends emerge in prominence to share interior space with more well-worn aesthetic staples.

Staying on the topic of “peculiar trends”, 2018 has had more than its fair share of them – but which of them have been especially heating up residences? Here are just a few which have been gathering impressive momentum – and impressed us in occasionally quirky ways – this year…

Neon signs

You might never have expected to see neon signage popping up outside of kitschy restaurants and cafes, but it has indeed started lighting up homes as well. On the image-sharing site Pinterest, searches for neon signs have clocked up 381% in growth just this year.

Neon art has also become popular in residential settings, according to Livingetc. Neon motifs might sometimes look a little garish, but we consider them to occasionally make good finishing touches.

Wes Anderson style

There’s no doubting that the film director has a strong sense of interior style, and many households seem to have taken notice by now. How else could we explain why, on Pinterest, Wes Anderson-style interiors have recently attracted 186% more searches?

You could ape the director’s style by applying the candy pink commonly seen on The Great Budapest Hotel’s interiors, while 1920s-type patterns and posters fall within the Anderson remit as well.

Positive pads

Of the many things for which we should be grateful to the late Ken Dodd, recognition of the “greatest gift that I possess” – yes, happiness – ranks pretty high.

Many interior designers would likely concur, as mindset-boosting motifs have become more popular in residences. Whether you would like vibrantly-hued bedrooms, playful minibars or other perky elements, keep an eye on Pinterest, where pins for positive home decor have seen 430% growth.


This shade has flourished in popularity this year – and not just because it might be reminiscent of the sun which has long shone while we were riveted by England’s exploits in the World Cup.

Both Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle were spotted wearing yellow this summer, says the Daily Mail, which also outlines various ways in which yellow can be cleverly added to interiors.

Nonetheless, if a yellow stain forms on your ceiling, don’t mistake it for a style statement. It could indicate a roof leak calling on you to do a Google search for “roofing repair companies near me“.


This composite material, made through scattering marble chippings into cement, originated in Italy several centuries ago as a means of reusing scrapped rock.

However, terrazzo is far from just a unique example of sustainability. In 2018, terrazzo has supplanted marble as an on-trend material for interiors, says House Beautiful.

The look of terrazzo can be applied in a range of ways; for example, with floor tiles, lampshades and tables. You can even source printed wallpaper of terrazzo design; it’s not too surprising that, among Pinterest users, searches for terrazzo have soared by over 300% during what has transpired of 2018.