Hot Tips to Select Curtain Fabric to Suit Needs and Room Décor

You will first need to determine the purpose because curtains can be practical and aesthetically pleasing. This familiarity will help you easily select the fabric for your window treatment.

  • Rooms having plenty of afternoon sunrays can have curtains made from synthetic fibers because they will not deteriorate or fade like natural fibers.
  • Sheer curtains will help you get privacy without compromising the view. Natural light flows through sheer material. At inexpensive prices, sheers offer a luxurious and lavish feel.
  • Coated fabric is the best option for total blackout in home theater room or bedrooms. For some light filtering triple weave fabric is good.
  • Velvet drapery will give that luxurious and elegant look. It even has thermal qualities and adds beautiful texture to the room.
  • For durability then select fabrics lean prone of rotting like brocades, chintzes, and cotton canvas. Avoid silk.
  • Long and wide windows can use a heavy weight fabric like corduroy or velvet or wall blend fabric to make floor to ceiling panel-draperies.
  • If the long and wide windows don’t need to be covered much then a cascade and swag designed from non-sheer fabric for great drape-ability like blended charmeuse or silk can be used. The frames sides and top of window banks get covered perfectly.
  • For low ceiling room choose light textured fabric like voile to allow light in. In case you wish more privacy then tightly woven cotton featuring vertical stripes can create a feel of height and length in the room.
  • Chintz or taffeta is a stiff and tight woven fabric for maintaining the shape of balloon valances on your dining room windows.
  • Heavy plisse or voile material gives necessary coverage with some natural light from bathroom windows.
  • Small room drapery with drafty windows needs to cover it entirely with damask fabric. It is heavy and helps to block the cold air. Matching fabric with wall colors can give the illusion of continuous wall space and small room feels enlarged.

The purpose of each room usage differs, so fabric and style to be used will differ. Visit  to get an idea. Give an exquisite touch to your home windows by selecting polyester silk curtains for family room, geometric patterns for dining room, and red cotton curtains for kid’s room.