Have A Low Maintenance Garden Using Decorative Gravel

A low maintenance garden is easy when you use decorative gravel. One garden chore that many homeowners quickly tire of is lawn mowing. During the summer, many hours a week can be devoted to mowing, trimming and tidying the lawn. In the autumn and winter, the workload can continue with troublesome weeds such as dandelions and dock needing to be removed and preventing the grass from becoming choked with moss or thatch by spending hours raking it out. Lawns in shady gardens are consistently waterlogged throughout the year, needing to be spiked regularly to aerate the roots. Gavel is an entirely natural product unlike another low maintenance alternative, artificial grass which is manufactured from plastic.

Superb Choices

There are many forms of decorative gravel such as Lancashire and Trent river gravel that have fascinating irregular shapes due to being buffeted by the fast flowing water of the rivers. Crushed gravel such as the white chalk of Cotswold Buff or limestone gravel, are literally crushed into ideal sizes from larger stones hewn from local quarries. With flatter gravels, referred to as slates. a gardener can replace unsuitable lawns with a variety of different textures and colours to tone or contrast with existing features such as patios or paths.


When trying to keep flower borders fresh and exciting, the most time consuming chore is weeding. Some ephemeral weeds such as chickweed can set seed within two or three weeks of germination. Using gravel as a mulch can almost entirely eradicate the need for weekly weeding sessions. A gravel mulch can provide additional interest to a colour scheme, creating eye-catching contemporary borders.

Parking Spaces

Using gravel in the driveway is a cost effective choice compared to slabs or block paving and it takes a fraction of the time to put in place. Subsequent maintenance is kept to a minimum with only an occasional use of a rake to level slight furrows and disperse any dust that might harbour weed seeds. Interesting designs can be created by using different gravels to highlight paths and borders.

Water Economy

Many hours can be taken up watering borders or lawns particularly in hot, dry weather. Water conservation is currently a key environmental issue with an emphasis on storing excess amounts of rain in water butts and restricting the use of sprinklers and hosepipes. Gravel never needs water to keep it in perfect condition. It also provides optimum drainage on heavy clay soils as surface rain water disperses whilst allowing oxygen to permeate between the pebbles to the soil below. Plants and shrubs in the borders benefit from a decorative gravel mulch which prevents weeds taking root while preventing the moisture in the soil from evaporating reducing the frequency of having to provide water. Using decorative gravel can bring an imaginative touch to your garden that could save hours of work every week. Contact Greenvale for more gravel solutions to transform your outdoor space into a low maintenance garden.