Guide to Purchasing Security Systems

Security is important for residential and commercial properties. For homeowners, you want to know that you’re safe in your own home by installing Brisbane security screens. After all, there has been a rise in home break-ins, robberies and burglaries over the past few years. It’s imperative that you keep you and your family secure from criminal elements.

On the other hand, commercial establishments are common targets for robberies and break-ins. Most properties will hold a significant amount of cash in sales. To add to this, the inventory and stocks alone put them at risk of theft. Without a proper system in place, it can be easy for business owners to lose money.

For both residential and commercial spaces, security cameras in Brisbane are highly recommended. These are an affordable way to monitor the entire property from one location. In fact, some models will even let you view footage remotely through your mobile device. If you’re looking for a basic safety measure, these cameras are your best bet.


When looking for a CCTV camera, always consider your purpose. Outdoor cameras are built with waterproofing. They also have longer capture ranges, making it easier to spot people and cars from a distance. On the other hand, indoor varieties will have basic capabilities. They won’t be weather-proof, but they don’t need that function, anyway.


Another thing to consider is the storage space. Traditional models will use a hard drive to store footage. Once the memory is full, it automatically overwrites the disk. Whilst this is okay if you have someone monitoring the station at all times, you won’t be able to review previous recordings. This makes it harder to obtain evidence in the event of a crime.

Newer models will have internet capabilities. The device will automatically upload the footage to the cloud. This removes the need for physical storage. You can access the footage any time you want, wherever you are. To add to this, you have unlimited virtual space. You can easily go back to previous footage when you need it.

Author: Carrie Sze