Getting a Flat in Dubai Needs The Considerations

July and August are the blessed months during which almost all young adults are looking for a little something that would allow them to leave the family cocoon. Armed with your good humor, your courage, your good faith and a half-ton of paperwork, here you go all over the city with your bundle of mobile phone numbers getting up to speed en minute. It is between real estate agencies, individuals, empty apartments and apartments not yet empty. So as not to panic (and avoid scams), here are some tips given by myself, confirmed galley researcher of housing, which will complement (hopefully) the great tips!

The paid lists

You are at your twenty-ninth estate agency visit for the flats for rent in Dubai, and you are tired of being advised only housing well away from your criteria (and strangely, always more expensive, larger, more beautiful than the 20 m² that you hope humbly), you have feet in sauce and the brain boiled by the August sun. You then push the door of an umpteenth local air-conditioned and ask to visit this bright studio, with separate toilet and equipped kitchen area, conveniently located close to the metro, in front of an office and above a bakery.

Identity Card

Your identity card already brandished to leave it on deposit the time of the visit in exchange for the keys of the accommodation, you put a little moment to understand what you are told. Do not trust the lists if they can be useful in everyday life. Of these “real estate agencies” you will only make a hole in your bank account. It is obviously with a wonderful confident smile that the receptionist will explain that  for a small sum of money (generally around 200 $ – very small), you will have access to a great list of housing corresponding exactly to your criteria , that you will be able to visit at will until making your choice, and this without expiry date.

The good questions

There is a small list of information to be collected at each visit , which can either help you to separate two dwellings that attract you (if you have the chance to find more than one that suits you), or all simply allow you to predict certain expenses, in addition to rent.

Included in the charges

Usually cold water is included for taking a bath, but the charges may also include hot water, heating, maintenance costs of the building, Internet box (especially in furnished rooms), gas etc. It is not necessarily a reflex in summer, but a badly heated apartment can become almost unlivable once the frost came. Electric radiator, gas, central heating managed by the condominium there are several options and they do not all have the same cost.

Finding out about

Find out which businesses are in the area before you go for the flats for rent in Dubai, what public transportation serves this area. If you are visiting with an agency, they may not know too much about it. The outgoing tenant will be able to answer you. Moreover, if you visit the apartment of an outgoing tenant (i.e. who still lives in the apartment and will soon leave him), ask all the questions in the world! Having no interest in lying to you, a future renter will often be more honest than an agency employee or owner.