FSBO Leads – The Secret Weapon of Every Good Realtor

In real estate, there are numerous lead generation solutions that can yield good results. From a website, to social media, newspaper ads, and even good old networking, all these solutions can bring you a good amount of leads. However, with most of these leads, you have to go through the trouble of convincing people to sell. But this is not the case with FSBO leads, which already want to sell. You might think that it would be a waste of time to work with these people, since it is obvious that they don’t want to work with agents. Well, we hope you will change your mind after reading the following lines.  

1. Why FSBO leads are worth your time

The best thing about FSBOs is that these people have already decided to sell. Yes, they don’t want to work with agents, but what do you think is more difficult: to convince someone to sell their home, or to convince someone who wants to sell, to work with you? Obviously, when one is decided to sell, they might want to work with an agent, provided that the agent in question understands their needs and their goals.

2. Where do you find these leads?

There are two ways in which you can find these types of leads. You can look for them manually in local newspapers and websites, or you can work with an online lead provider. Our advice is to work with a lead provider, because looking for leads manually can be very time consuming. Moreover, most lead providers are very affordable. We recommend FSBOHotsheet.com, because they deliver daily leads, with updated information and no duplicates.

3. Conversion tips

When you approach these people, don’t start talking about how much you can do for them, and don’t ask them why they don’t want to work with an agent either. Instead ask them what you could do for them? Selling a home is hard, and these people are aware of it. If they are approached the right way, they will have no problem working with an agent. Most of them might have had unpleasant experiences with other agents in the past, so you will have to assure them that they won’t experience that again. There will also be people that don’t want to work with realtors because they don’t want to pay commissions. For these people, you have to highlight the fact that an experienced agent can sell their home faster, without any effort from their part, and maybe even for a better price.