Five Things Your Dog Does When You’re Away

Between the Santa Cruz mountains and the quiet residential streets, it doesn’t seem like any person or dog, would choose to leave San Jose or its surrounding communities. But when business travel beckons, or when recreational opportunities arise elsewhere, pet parents have no choice but to leave their canines behind. If you’ve ever wondered if your pet is having a better time in San Jose than you are having in, say, Chicago or Singapore or the Bahamas, then here’s some information to satiate your curiosity. While you are gone your pets are most likely:

  • Barking it up. Dog behavior experts have found that dogs bark, howl or whine for the first thirty minutes they are left alone. Well-adjusted dogs take a nap after that much commotion, but dogs with separation anxiety pace, howl or tear things up the entire time their owner is away. For long trips out of town, dog boarding is a positive way to ease anxious behaviors. Dogs might not have you around, but they will have other dogs and other people to ease separation and limit the amount of time they spend barking at the windows. 
  • Making new friends. If you’ve ever picked up your dog from doggie day care then you know that spending time with other dogs makes your dog one happy pup. Remember, dogs are pack animals. When their human pack takes off they need a replacement pack and when it comes to engaging with a replacement pack, kennels are not the answer. Choose a boarding facility that gives your best friend the opportunity to sniff, play, roam and romp with other dogs. 
  • Enjoying a spa day. Any San Jose dog boarding location worth their mettle offers dogs far more than a place to rest their head. Full service locations offer grooming, a sure way for your dog to feel pampered and a sure-fire way to ensure that your pooch doesn’t come home with dirt between her claws.
  • Exploring new parts of town. When at home you most likely take your fur baby on strolls and hikes through the areas of town you enjoy. While you are away, choose a San Jose dog boarding service that takes your pets on regular walks. It’s highly probable that you will return to a dog that knows more about the streets of San Jose than you do.
  • Being loved for who they are. Of course, not all dogs are young or fully mobile. In these instances, choosing a San Jose dog boarding facility that is close to your vet is worth keeping in mind. It also helps to choose a facility that caters to every dog’s needs and will work with both you and your dog to ensure that everyone is comfortable and happy.

While you are away your dog will meet new buddies, eat his favorite foods and enjoy plenty of exercise. With any luck, you will be able to say the same for yourself.