Five Awesome Kitchen Renovation Ideas

Embarking on a kitchen renovation can be both exciting and overwhelming. There are many things to focus on and you may not know where exactly to start. If you have the budget for the renovation, ensure you pick the right contractor to do the job. Renovco kitchen remodeling will ensure your needs are met based on the budget you set and your expectations. To survive a kitchen renovation, consider the tips below:

Consider Efficiency

Kitchen efficiency is focused on making cooking and cleaning easier. However, it does not have to be about having bigger space. It will not be efficient if you have to walk 20 feet from your range to your fridge. Sure, you want the kitchen to be open, inviting, and airy; however, arrange everything in a way you can easily and quickly access each.

Add Good Lighting

Lighting is an important inclusion fo any kitchen renovation. Surface-mount fixtures attached to the ceiling on a grid give enough amounts of lighting to the space. Also, plan for some under-cabinet lighting since cabinets can block top lighting.

Inject your Style into your Cabinets

Cabinets are a great opportunity to integrate your style into. They can also make your cooking process more efficient. You can choose to have open cabinets or those with doors. With the latter, you can quickly convert your kitchen’s spirit to make it more interesting and airy. Also, think about putting in some deep drawers for the pots and pans in the lower cabinets. This way, you can easily pull out a large stack of pans instead of crouching down to get them.

Prioritize Durability on Flooring

Stone floor is the best when it comes to durability. However, you may want to choose Ipocork or wood if you spend a lot of time cooking in your kitchen. Also, porcelain tiles are affordable and indestructible. By getting bigger tiles, you can expect to have few seams which tend to trap some bits of food that fall on the ground.

Consider the Faucet and Dishwasher when Investing in a Sink

Deep and broad sinks are ideal but you must pay attention to the faucet and dishwasher when investing in it. Consider having a water-mixing valve in the faucet so you don’t have to flip back and forth separate water handles (hot and cold) with a dirty plate in one hand. Also, ensure the dishwasher is located to the right of your sink to cater to everyone’s right-handedness. There must counter space to the right of your sink.