Five Amazing Tips to Treat Long Windows

Picking the right curtains and blinds online, for windows in the home or in a working environment can be a bit overwhelming. The task gets further complex when we must deal with longer and bigger panes of glass. Most often, home owners are tempted to go nude and allow the window to sit alone by themselves. However, no blinds mean no privacy and absolutely no control over the amount of light entering the home.

Before you buy blinds online for your huge windows, glance through the tips below.

Tip 1: Go black and white

If you have a bedroom with long windows, opt for a black and white theme. You can never go with these colours and the combination looks stunning too. If you are concerned by privacy and lighting in the room, buy block out blinds online or simple use sheer curtains in white. Another option would be vertical blinds with delicate slats that dress the long window panes elegantly.

Tip 2: Bring out the latent beauty of huge windows

Huge windows in any room are stylish and beautiful by itself. Curtains and blinds simply add to this inherent beauty. Consider a large, Gothic-style window that needs to be showcased in its most real form. In this case, the best option is to buy Roman blinds online and cover the decorative arch on top. The blinds can be lowered as and when needed. Roman blinds seamlessly blend into the architecture of the room and serve the practical purpose too.

Tip 3: Embrace the French elegance

Curtains and blinds belong to contemporary homes. In fact, most home owners and companies focus on changing their blinds and curtains to give their environment a better and newer look. If you believe that old is classic and have been mesmerised by the finesse of French, opt for wooden shutters for your long windows. Looking for more affordable options? Buy timber Venetian blinds online at great prices and its 100% child safe too. Venetian blinds take care of the privacy factor and can be used easily to adjust the sunlight.

Tip 4: Venetian blinds for the home office too           

Office rooms and home offices often have long windows. These windows let working individuals relax and work easily by offering wider views and avoiding a clumsy feeling. Use Venetian blinds to cover these long windows and you can easily control light based on the different times in a single day.

Tip 5: Long windows become the star

Long windows attract the eyes of the beholder easily. Why not use these windows to capture the attention of your guests? For this, you need to consider bold and vibrant colours for your blinds and curtains.