Factors to consider before installing Vinyl floors

Looking to take your interiors up a notch? Flooring is something that you might consider changing to give it an overall different look without changing the interiors. When it comes to flooring, often we see people choosing vinyl flooring because of the simplicity and elegance that they bring to a home. They last for decades, and if you are careful about their maintenance, they can turn out to be warm and timeless and in turn out to be the best decision you have made. A couple of things are essential to factor in while choosing vinyl floors. Let us look at some considerations that we must make

The Price Factor

Vinyl floors do not come in the most economical form especially if you are going in for deep dark wood or engineered wood. You have to consider the price point against the quality and tenure that you will be keeping it for. Nothing looks worse than a scratched-out flooring. So, think about how long you want to keep it, and how much will the entire uprooting and placing again will cost you. If you are not big on change, it would be ideal to bring in the best quality albeit a little expensive, that will last you for decades to come.

The Lifestyle Factor

Vinyl is most beautiful in its purest natural form. It is also prone to damages due to this quality. While choosing vinyl the most critical factor, you have to consider is the scratch tolerance. If you have pets and children in the house, your flooring is likely to bear the brunt of their activities like spillage and stains. Stains tend to change the texture of wood hugely. In this case, you can go for a reasonably priced oak which is more scratch resistant than others. You can also consider pushing yourself to buy an engineered wood which is waterproof and doesn’t incorporate stains into its being. Oak and teal based wood is durable and robust enough to bear most damages because of the core strength of the wood.

The Installation Factor

Vinyl floor installations are a call for proper technical expertise. You do not want to land up with a floor that has been unevenly or shabbily installed. Vinyl floors may be installed in three ways – glued down, floating and nailed down. Engineered wood is not of the floating type, but glued or nailed down and are comparatively easier to install. Solid wood flooring, on the other hand, has to be installed correctly. It also helps with the maintenance if the floor is covered with a vinyl or ceramic kind of covering to them since they are much easier to clean.

Additional factors like room size and daylight play come into picture since the décor has to be in sync with one another. Make sure the color and texture of your wood are in a marriage with the furniture you have at home and the darker have plenty of visual space to play with.