Having an animal invasion in your house is one of the biggest nightmares. They cause irreversible damage to property. There are steps that you can take in order to prevent this from happening. Check your house from any weakness and contact your roof repair Kitchener, to carry out the repair services for you. If it is too late to take preventive steps and you are already assuming the existence of an invasive animal in your house, these are three steps that you need to follow through and through.

  1. Determining invasion:

The first step to determining home invasion is to check your house for damage which could have been caused by animals. Animals tend to get inside the house from holes and weak sliding which are already present in the house. Now that you have checked for damages, the next step is to keep your ears open and listen to the animal’s movement. If the movement seems like a human walking, then there is a chance that a raccoon has invaded your house, whereas if there is a scampering noise, it could be a squirrel.

Third step is to check your house for animal droppings, signs of nesting and unusual items like sticks, hay and nuts. If all of these made your hinge stronger, last step would be final confirmation. Place newspapers or any light item in the potential pathway of the animal and watch it closely, if the item has moved then there has been a wildlife invasion.

  1. Getting them out:

Now that you have determined that there has been animal invasion, the most obvious step is to get rid of the animal. One of the most effective methods is that of hazing. Hazing means creating an unsafe environment for the animal by making loud noises and with bright lights compelling them to flee the house. One thing that you need to keep in mind while hazing is that if there is a mother and a child, the mother can abandon the child.

The other way is of fixing a one-way door at an entry point of the animal. Make sure that the entry point at which you are putting the door is strong and is not susceptible to damage if an animal attacks it. The one way door contraption works better than a trap, as it lets the animal exit and not enter again.

  1. Prevention is better than cure:

Once bitten twice shy, so take the necessary precautions to make sure that this does not happen again. Check your house for damages or any potential damages and get it fixed, so that the animals cannot re-enter your home. Trim that trees around your house at regular intervals so that the animals do not jump on to your roof and find another way in.