Duvet or Quilt Cover for Extra Protection and Easy Washing

Right bed topper can be enjoyed to keep warmth in winter as well as make your bed look interesting. You can opt for popular kinds of quilt or duvet. Each one is different, but it is necessary that you decide one that suits your needs.

Quilt is warm and heavy, whereas duvet is warm and light in comparison. You can find quilt covers online having infinite patterns. Modern quilts are cartoonish, artistic, geometric, and surreal. You can come across colors ranging from pastel to neon. Heirloom quilts gives your bedroom a rustic charm.

Duvets are available in variety of style, colors, and patterns. You can easily synchronize the bed look with surrounding theme and style.

Caring covers

Caring for quilt is tough but duvet and comforter care is manageable. You can buy slip or duvet covers, which protects the comforter. You can change your bed style instantly.

Changes of duvet cover can mimic the season or you can make changes in the fabric. It also protects the comforter inside and saves you on quick replacement. White comforters are very expensive and so you need to take extra care of it.

Silk duvets

To get the luxurious feel choose silk duvets. These are available in two types.

  1. Duvet is designed from silk fibers inside, but with cotton covering. These are soft but not actually like authentic silk duvets.
  2. Authentic silk duvets mean the covering is also designed from silk. These are hypo-allergenic and regulate temperature very well. They never aggravate health issues like asthma and allergies.

Silk duvets can be carried during picnics, because it helps people avoid the suffering from muscle pain or backaches, while sitting on mats placed on soil, grass, or tiny stones.

It can be used to line your baby’s play area. Many recommend rubber mats, but they are not soft as silk duvets. Baby’s muscles are soft and bones delicate, so soft material can be helpful. Thus, you can maximize your usage of silk duvets outside the bedroom.


Duvet covers can be removes as well as washed, whenever needed. Just switch the cover and change bedding style. Easy seasonal changes can be made. Silk duvets can even give pleasure, when you use it besides the bedroom.