Durable Flooring For Dogs With Siblings

It’s a different kind of life when you have a lot of furry friends around. You gotta play with them, benefit from their loyalty and being obedient, and help practice your patience — especially when it comes to cleaning the mess they leave. This is when having a durable flooring for dogs enters the picture.

Pee, poops, scratches, foul smell. These are only some of the mishaps you’d encounter when you have dogs with siblings in your house. But fret not, because these damages can still be fixed, and be prevented from happening over and over again.

In this article, we’ve rounded up some tips on how to avoid a durable flooring for dogs from getting damaged.

Train your canine friends

There’s a certain good reason why many homeowners prefer dogs as their pets. Apart from being a great best friend, they can also be easily trained. If you want to keep your flooring (and any other furniture) safe, invest in training your four-legged friends. You can teach them quite a number of things, actually — from staying off your precious hardwood to barring them from entering certain areas in your house.

Clean up any mess immediately

Whether you’ve got a laminated flooring or a tile or vinyl one, the best way to maintain a durable flooring is to clean up any mess ASAP. Don’t take this for granted — never leave the dirt and small uncleaned. Your abode’s flooring is one great investment, prolong its life by never compromising its durability for some untidiness that can be addressed immediately.

Use carpets and rugs

Covering up your flooring with rugs and carpets is a good idea, especially in areas where the canine traffic is high. Don’t be afraid to do this one just because you fear that they’d be hard to maintain. Don’t worry because a regular vacuum cleaning will typically do. Apart from hindering your pets from directly contacting the flooring, rugs and carpets are a beautiful way to add accents to your house. They also provide warmth to your furry friends, especially during cold days.

Use and apply a protective coating

Some types of flooring already come with a protective seal. Nonetheless, nothing beats taking precautionary measures. If you want to keep your flooring from wearing and tearing, you might want to try applying a protective coating. Bear in mind, however, that before doing this, you need to consult your manufacturer to consult and confirm which product is most suitable for your floor.

Brush your dogs regularly

One of the greatest problems of keeping dogs inside your house is their fur. Especially if your canine pets are heavy-shredders, you’d find it burdensome to clean their fur away every now and then. The solution? Brush them on a regular basis.

Trim your dogs’ nails

Dog scratches are annoying. They leave unpleasant marks that are greatly visible to the eyes. If you don’t want to let this issue take over your flooring and other fixtures, make it a habit to trim your dogs’ nails. If you’re afraid to do this yourself, you can bring them to a professional groomer.
durable flooring for dogs means less expenses (and headaches) for you. Our flooring options at Pet Friendly Flooring can withstand wear and tear!