Do’s, Don’ts & Top Trends to Decorate Your Home in 2019!

Do you love to watch all the new trends in home decor and make changes that give renewal air to your everyday life? If you answered positively then you should definitely continue reading. Issue; Home Decoration 2019!

What are the top trends of the year and what is considered “multidimensional”? What are the hottest colors for painting the walls of your home? What should you avoid if you do not want your home decoration to escape the Budget in excess?

Do – Bold Colors

Gray, gres and beige are still favorite neutral tones for many interiors. This year, however, the colors that will dominate will be more daring. “Play” with the colors on the walls and the furniture of the space. “Moody” darker shades, such as lavender purple, navy blue and emerald green will be the three most popular colors in house decoration 2019.

Do not – Baby Pink & Pink of Quartz

The pink quartz – the color of the year for 2016 along with the blue of the ice – has been around us for quite a long period of time. The soft shades of these colors are gradually replaced with deeper tones. The choice is always yours but the experts suggest that we avoid such an outdated trend. If you are a fan of romantic decoration transform your favorite pink into a wonderful lilac. The results will sustify you!

Do – Geometric Shapes

The big, striking designs and shapes will probably be the top trend in home decoration 2019. The bold geometric shapes will have their honor and I think circles are the new triangle. If you do not want to make a radical change in the living room or bedroom you can dress some decorative pillows by choosing your favorite design. If you are ready for dramatic changes, do not hesitate to change even the wallpaper of your wall or find some really interesting items by HouseByUs, especially for your kitchen.

Do not – Chaotic color palette

In 2019 we say yes to the bold colors and designs but not to their combination. Color really gives interest in space. But blending many different colors and shades can easily cause “overload”. The combination of your favorite colors might seem like a good idea at first, but if you do not notice it can inadvertently cause you the absolute chaos. So avoid combining both red lights and bright fabrics on the sofa and the dark wall color and geometric patterns. Were not you tired of thinking?

Do – Dark shades in the Kitchen

Decorators seem to have started and turn to the dark side of the color palette, at least in the kitchen area. White is now obsolete and replaced by dark gray, black, dark green of nature and navy blue. As for the materials we see in 2019 in the kitchen, it seems that the wood will be the first of the decorators’ preferences. Dark mahogany and oak are dated in the past. In house decoration 2019 we will see more wood in soft shades.

Do not – All-White Kitchen

The wholly white kitchen will always be a classic choice in the home decoration. The truth, however, is that we have seen it in all its variants. “White on White” is now a multifaceted trend. In recent years new trends have emerged in modern kitchens, such as different colors on benches and cupboards, open shelves and color-blocking. Designers, trendsetters or influencers as well as the owners themselves are looking for something new. New materials and new colors already flood the kitchen space in the 2019 home decoration.

Do not – Excessively Modern Decoration

While modern, modern decoration with clean lines and strict style gives a pleasant retro feel to space, it also creates an “emotional distance”. Focusing on being our modern and minimal space we often forget what makes us feel hospitable and intimate. In 2019 we will escape the sharp corners and smooth textures and move to warm shades and special textures, such as velvet.