DIY Moves and Professional Movers – Which Is the Best Option for Better Relocation?

When it is time for relocation, you will need to opt for a reliable realtor, determine which home to rent/buy, and which items to move. All these are hard decisions. In addition, there is the choice to hire professional movers or plan DIY move.

The decision to opt for DIY mover or hire one of the best Kolimisteenus Tartus (Moving Services in Tartu) will depend on the new home location, budget, schedule, and difficulty of move. Many people are unable to carry heavy items due to medical condition or less strength.

Even many of your relatives and friends will not be able to help as they are not heavy lifting types. Ultimately, the only option you have now is to hire movers. However, many people have successfully conducted DIY moves, which have made them save money, significantly.

However, before you decide, look at the pros and cons of each alternative

DIY move


Complete control of moving process

You get to select the truck and moving supplies. Handle the packing, loading and reloading of the boxes, which ensures negligible damage or breaks in the process. DIY move gives you flexibility to start and end the move.

In case, you schedule a move in bad weather then it is your responsibility on how to protect your items. You are in control on how to load the moving truck. In addition, there are no worries about movers leaving the furniture and boxes in improper rooms.

Save cash

DIY move is especially preferable for people on tight budget. In case, you are relocating in the neighbourhood, the expenses of hiring movers add up quickly beyond expectations. On the other hand, you can hire a U-haul moving truck for a DIY move along with loading supplies and add-ons for significantly low rates than hiring professional movers.

Pack as you wish

DIY move does not make you worry about perfect packing. Alternatively, for movers you will need to seal the boxes and keep it ready, before they arrive. Moving things by yourself gives you perks like not packing blankets, pillows or odd-shaped belongings like plants and lamps. Pack as little as possible as long as you can load all the things in the U-haul truck.


Heavy lifting

Worst aspect of DIY move is heavy lifting. It is not like a smooth walk in a park, especially when staircase is involved. Heavy furniture can get damaged, as you or your friends are not experienced. One-bedroom apartment is easy to relocate, but 5-bedroom home will break your back.


All the logistic of getting things from one point to other needs to be figured out. Moreover, best way to handle loading includes, which piece of furniture goes first and how to arrange them inside the truck.

Unexpected problems

Unfortunately, your sofa may get trapped on the staircase. You don’t have necessary tools or skills to handle the situation. You are wasting hours in trying to handle the problem rather than resting in a couch and allowing the professionals to handle the challenging task.

All the drawbacks of DIY moves become the advantages of hiring Adduco Tartu moving company. Certainly, you will find it less flexible, if you are the one who enjoys control. Moreover, the expense can be more, but the benefits of efficient and less stressful relocation is even more significant. However, in the end it is your preference.

Author’s Bio:

Mark Farley has written this article. ADDUCO is a mover company based in Tartu. It assists customers throughout South. Professionals at Adduco are well-trained and there are rare cases of customer’s goods getting damaged, during the transportation. They also provide international relocation services as well.