Different Types of Porcelain Tiles Available

Porcelain tiles can surely add a stylish touch to your room. These tiles are highly valued for their flexibility and can also be used for decorating both walls and floors. However, porcelain floor tiles may be typically thick, harder and heavier than wall tiles.

Besides that, porcelain floor tiles may also be used for both indoors as well as outdoors and are normally found outdoors near patios and swimming pools.

Why porcelain tiles are more preferred over ceramic? This is because porcelain tiles are much harder and stronger than ceramic tiles. As a result of the process which involves pressing and also firing raw materials for creating tiles, that have much lower water absorption. Therefore, porcelain tiles are appropriate for any kind of applications.

Porcelain tiles are usually Carreaux Metro liquidation ceramic tiles which are fired at very high temperature. Due to higher temperatures, it can harden the tiles so much that the tiles will become dense, homogeneous and impervious.

Different types of porcelain tiles

The porcelain tiles are mainly divided into number of categories as follows:

  1. Unglazed or matte or porcelain tiles

Raw porcelain tiles which are produced in its natural form after they are baked and fired in the kiln can be called unglazed porcelain tiles. After they are fired, no other treatment will be needed.

  1. Glazed porcelain tiles

After firing of porcelain tiles, they are taken out of kiln and are treated further with the application of a glazed finish provided on the tile. Afterwards the glaze is then applied to the tiles to become impervious and stronger.

  1. Polished porcelain tiles

The porcelain tiles usually are polished after all the tiles go through the baking process and come out from the kiln. However, polished porcelain tiles must not be mistaken with any glazed vitrified tiles because the process involved in manufacturing is different for both the tiles.

  1. Double-charged porcelain tiles

All these porcelain tiles can either be polished, glazed, semi-polished or of matte finish. Due to the process of manufacturing it involves 2-types of clay being fused together for creating unique designs in these porcelain tiles.

  1. Full-body porcelain tiles

Full-body porcelain tiles will have the texture and colour throughout the tile. If there are any scratches then it will not be easily visible because the tiles are all over homogeneous. All these tiles can also be converted into polished, matte and glazed tiles.

  1. Stone or textured finish tiles

These kinds of tiles are highly textured and imitating the stone finish and are used mostly for the purpose of external wall cladding.