Different Arizona Household Pests

Every area in the world is home to its own set of insects and creatures, all of which can move in to any home. The types of household pests you can find in Arizona would differ from those you’d find in more northern states.

However, since it is a desert environment in Arizona, lucky residents are also susceptible to having scorpions and tarantulas in their homes.

In addition to that, termites are extremely common and build huge colonies under the ground in this state. The subterranean termites actually use debris in combination with mud in order to build tubes that will lead them up and above ground into your home. Drywood termites are another problem common to the state. They live in your home and travel through even minimal moisture in the wood. Unfortunately, these pests can be living in a home for a long time before they are discovered, meaning they can cause lots of damage.

As for tarantulas, while they stay mainly outdoors, it is possible for them to wind up indoors. Keep in mind that a tarantula bite is not fatal or even dangerous, but it is painful. It’s also frightening to look at, given its size! What residents of Arizona should be more concerned about are the other spiders that move into homes, like the black widow, for instance, whose bite is extremely dangerous. Another potentially dangerous spider is the brown recluse.

Scorpions sting like a bee and are venomous. The most dangerous of all scorpions in the area is the bark scorpion, which also happens to be the smallest. Treatment is required immediately if stung by this highly toxic scorpion, so you don’t want these types of pests in your home.

Arizona centipedes, which could bite, are more skin-crawling insects that invade homes. There are actually two types of centipedes in this state: the Giant Desert Centipede and the Banded Desert Centipede. In most cases, centipede bites or stings don’t require immediate medical treatment, but some hurt quite a bit, even for several weeks.

Roaches of various species live all around the state. Those found more commonly indoors are the American and the German species, which are both equally challenging to completely get rid of. They can eat almost anything to stay alive, and they can easily find ways to enter a home, be it through drains or what have you.

Ants, and more particularly, fire ants are another pest Arizonians have to deal with, as are carpenter ants. With the latter, they tunnel through damp wood, weakening the structure but the former actually sting.

What was almost completely forgotten but has multiplied and spread like wildfire around the globe is the bed bug, and Arizona is no exception to this problem. Bed bugs are found even in 5-star hotels and they are extremely difficult to eradicate. Though they aren’t dangerous, they are not friendly house guests, as their bites cause victims itches and rashes.

Bees and wasps can also take over a home. Since they live in large colonies, they can be quite a bother, but they can also be potentially dangerous to those with allergies. There are also the more aggressive bee species often referred to as “killer bees.”

In addition to all the above insects, there are other types of household pests you can find in Arizona in the form of critters. Rodents like the wood rat or the roof rat and the house mouse often make their way indoors. As a homeowner, it is imperative to address any infestation or unwanted guest as quickly as possible to avoid it from worsening.

Therefore, it is wise to call a reputable AZ pest control exterminator who is capable of getting rid of any type of infestation, no matter how large. Consider that your home could easily lose value if it is infested with pests that could potentially damage the structure. As soon as you see an unwanted house guest, deal with it immediately.