Design Trends That Have Fallen Out Of Step

Interior Design is like most forms of Art, it’s completely subjective and purely individual.  One man’s Shotgun Shack is another man’s Basquiat.  That being said, trends come and go in any form of Art.  And listed below are the Elvis Presley of interior design trends, they’ve already left the building.

Microfiber Upholstery

When people first think of Microfiber, they usually think of home cleaning supplies.  It’s been the go-to for mops, dusters, and practically everything else due to its dust-clinging properties.  So why would you use it as something to sit on?  Kita Williams is a Beverly Hills-based designer and her take on Microfiber is telling, “Most microfiber furniture can make the overall design of a room appear dated and cheap”.

Undercabinet Microwaves

This is a bad idea on many levels, it looks out of place above the range and it’s impractical to use.  It also affects full ventilation of steam during cooking on the range.  It’s also unwieldy to strain upwards to put food in and out of a microwave placed that high.

The Color Grey

This color had some popularity a few years back, especially within the home flipping market.  Once a trend of fashion has been done to death like this, there is an inevitable backlash and pushback against it.  This is the case for the color grey, a cold semi-neutral color.  Warmer hues are on the uptick within the designer contingent.

Kitchen Islands

Islands have been in vogue for a long time and it’s one of the touchstones of a well-built kitchen area.  But the drawbacks have been adding up within homebuilders for years now.  Diane Blaszkiewicz, an associate with the realty company TTR Sotheby’s out of Washington DC chimed in with “They’re bulky and often don’t provide adequate storage space, plus they’re very easy to bump into in the middle of the night’.


Once a popular trend, Word Art is on the downswing within Designer circles.  Jessica Boudreaux mentions that “Any text art hung in the home meant to be positive just comes across as cheesy and predictable” and she should know, she’s an interior designer based in Miami and NYC.  One word comes to mind when you see Word Art on the walls of someone’s home, Hokey.

Boho Accessories

Short for Bohemian, Boho style has been around for ages and it infiltrated interior design a few years back.  You can buy as many wicker chairs and other “cool” furniture at your local Pier One, but it’s not going to bring this trend back.  Portland-based designer Justin Riordan sums it up “You can, of course, continue to buy $19 batik pillows at Target, but stuff like that is just fodder for your next garage sale”

Industrial Kitchens

All the rage in the last decade, industrial kitchens are on the decline.  Once the mark of a Professional-looking kitchen, the industrial look has seen better days.  These types of kitchens should be left to an actual chef and not your average homemaker.

Interior Design is a tricky road to navigate by yourself, it’s best left to the professionals who have a great eye on what works and what doesn’t.