Decorations With Greenery For Your Home This Holiday Season

With the summers being in, in full swing and feeds getting filled with “vacay diaries”, it is time for some love – for yourself and your home. The colour, ‘green’, brings in a feel of life wherever it is spotted. A sensation of being so full of life creeps in, once this colour starts translating into our lives. The lush greenery adds to the already colourful life, and it simply spells peace. So why not incorporate this colour into your décor, too, this season? Ditch the usual stuff to decorate your place and grab a dash of colour in plants and leaflets and branches and twigs and let us create a melody of bliss for you. If you are planning to spend most of your vacations indoors with your friends and relatives coming over to hang-out at your place, avail this opportunity and go through this article to get some refreshing idea on how to decorate your place with greeneries! Also, check out HotOzCoupons to avail discounts on their websites.

  •    The mistletoe:

Who said mistletoes could be used only during Christmas? Get real mistletoe made up of lush green hedge plants, hang it onto your porch door, and see the place get to light up in all natural a glory! It gives a feel of the festivities and set the mood for the party weekends. Complement these with some ribbons of the same colour or a contrasting pastel shades that go well with your door and verandah to give your entrance an exciting look. This being kept at the entrance; it will be awe-inspiring for your guests.

  •    The kitchen view:

Set your kitchen décor quotient high on fresh green plants. This place is the one that is the most used especially during the holidays. You have to keep the space quite spacious yet decorate it without hindering the other decorations that are already prevalent because of your new installations. Here a duo like a wreath and a garland will fit perfectly without disturbing the other decorative ideas present there. To set the mood for the vacation, you can incorporate some fairy lights as well.

  •    Setting the table:

Decorate the table with some garland of green to give it a tropical outlook. Fringing the table with some greenery will help it look cleaner and greener with the lush greenery hedging the place you eat at. It is a unique way to catch the attention of the guests and complement the crockery you use to spruce up your regular dining table. You can make a wreath out of the garland of green and attach a name card to the same to add that personalised touch. Then it can be used as a ring for the folded napkin.

  •    Decking up your mirror:

Imagine getting dressed flung by lush green plants and hedges. Sounds so pure and blissful, right? Well, you can attain such an environment right in your bedroom. Get the tall giant mirror dressed up with a green fringe. The garland border will add a new definition t your entire room. However, choosing a good border is essential. Pale and fragile green borders will never look good.

  •    Wall hangings:

Creating beautiful wall hangings made of plants is unique and can transform a small space into something bigger as well. Some help you create an illusion of a homely garden right within the indoor spaces while some make it look super aesthetic. These ideas are new in the decoration world and are garnering a lot of interests all over the world.

  •    Redecorate a décor:

If you have any decorative pieces in your home that are just lying there at some major corner, avail this chance and redecorate the decorative piece with some greenery. Put a green garland or twist a green branch around a pillar or so to add a more festive look to your place. Add little green twigs a bit here and there to spread the lush greenery of the room to every nook and corner.

With all these innovative ideas, flood your room and home like never before. These ideas are doing the rounds quite much but putting them to their right use is quite difficult. A bit of a wrong decoration, and the entire look of your home will get spoiled. With the precise usage of the greenery, you have to know how to complement the same with the other decoration that you already present. They should not overshadow what you already had. Neither should they remain underrated.