Creative Ways To Recycle Rubber

One of the best ways to help our environment is through recycling rubber. Rubber is a tough elastic polymeric substance made from synthetically or from the latex of a tropical plant. Through recycling rubber, you may be able to produce other useful products for your home.

You can choose to repurpose your rubber into another useful item, donate it in a local recycling facility, or hire a professional like Extra Cheap Rubbish Removal who can help you remove it in an eco-friendly manner.

Repurposing your rubber can leave you with a lot of new useful items such as a tire swing, jar openers, or even planters.You need a bit of creativity. Below are some items you can create by recycling unused rubber in your home.

  1. Furniture

You can build pieces of furniture using old tires by painting an old tire with a colorful paint that’s suitable for rubber. For instance, you can create a coffee table by placing a piece of glass over the tire. If you primthe tire before painting, it will help the paint stick and stay on the surface. Another furniture you can make is a stool or an ottoman by covering them in twine or strong fabrics.

  1. Planters

Old tires can be used to make planters for your garden plants. Paint the tire before turning it into a planter, fillwith soil and place it in your backyard. The tire will contain everything while also providing a cool aesthetic to your plants.You can also take it to the next level by creating hanging planters. Just secure thebottom to the tire and attach hooks and wire or string to the sides.

  1. Tire Swing

If you have a strong tree in your yard then why not create a tire swing? It can be made out of old tires,and it will be fun, not only for kids but for fun loving adults as well. Attach a strong rope to the tire securely and connect the other end of the rope to a sturdy tree limb. Position the tire swing in a sufficient height so that the kids can easily reach,but at the same time, their legs won’t be jammed into the ground. Drill some small holes in the tire to allow water to drain out if it rains.

Don’t forget always tosupervise young children if they’re playing on the tire swing to make sure no one gets injured.

  1. Sandbox

To create an outdoor sandbox, lay a tarp or a piece of wood on the ground as a base for the sandbox. Once you’ve placed the tire on the ground, fill it with sand. You can paint the tire to give it a more colorful appearance and then cut out a top to cover the sandbox using wood or plastic. To get all the dirt off, wash the tire with clean water and a little soap.You can stick a small outdoor umbrella into the sand to provide a bit of shade. Don’t forget to drill some small holes in the tire to let water pass through instead of collecting it inside the tire.

  1. Seal For Your Food

Rubber bands are good for re-sealing open bags of food in your home. Thiswill keep your food fresh while also taking advantage of all those rubber bands you have. Scrunch together the top of the opened bag and wrap the rubber band around it tightly. You can use this method on bags of pretzels, chips or other snacks.

  1. Non-Slip Hanger Grips

By sliding rubber bands onto hangers, you can keep your clothing in place. Thiswill help your shirts, dresses, and other clothing items from falling on the floor of your closet. If you want a thicker later, slide the rubber bands vertically on the hangers or tie them around the rods.

  1. Pet Beds

If you are a pet lover then can also create a pet bed for your furry friend. Start by clean the tire properly before painting it. Paint won’t stick to dirt and dust so wash the tire properly and use a stiff bristle brush to give it a good scrub with soapy water.Lay the tire down and stuff it inside a round pillow or a soft dog bed inside of the tire, and you’re done!

You can also visit to learn more about disposing of other recyclable wastes.

Final Word

Recycling and repurposing may be hard at first, but doing it for our environment will be worth it, not just for you, but for your grandkids and anyone that follows in your footsteps.