Comparison Between Electric Chainsaws And Gas Chainsaws

Nowadays due to advancement of technology, you can get both electrically driven as well as gas driven chainsaws in the market. Both these types of chainsaws has their own pros and cons.

In this post, let’s compare some best gas chainsaw under 200 and also electric chainsaws along with their individual pros and cons:

Electric chainsaws:

Let’s first discuss about the pros of electric chainsaw:

  1. Usually electric chainsaws are compact and quite light in weight and therefore it is not much difficult to carry at the job site.
  2. Also, they do not produce any great amount of noise or sound when they are operated.
  3. You do not get any foul smell when this kind of chainsaws runs.
  4. You need not worry about mixing any oil gas in order to run them.
  5. It can be easily to start just press the start button

Now let us list out few cons of this chainsaws:

  1. They do not have enough stamina or power to cut any large tree.
  2. Corded version of electric chainsaws cannot be used as mobile saw unless it has battery in it.
  3. Battery run chainsaws usually lack sufficient power to carry out heavy jobs.

Gas chainsaws

Let’s now discuss pros of gas type of chainsaws:

  1. Quite ideal for any heavy-duty work
  2.  For cutting larger trees gas chainsaws can be very effective.
  3. They will not stop due to discharged battery in case of electric chainsaws.

Now let us discuss about few of the cons:

  1. These chainsaws are quite heavy and it is very difficult to move from one place to other.
  2. These saws make lots of noise during their operation.
  3. Besides you may also get foul smell of gas too while working with these saws.
  4. They tend to be much expensive as compared to electric chainsaws.