Communion: An Unofficial Guide to Behave Right

Standing on the head of the line of the communion, Catholics of USA bows reverently from their waist. This can be done either at the time of your turn to receive of just before your turn. At the time the Holy Communion’s minister says, “The blood of Christ” or “The body of Christ,” reply by saying, “Amen.”

The Way to Receive Communion

You can receive Communion in a Catholic Church on your hand or directly on your tongue. Receiving Communion on the hand is the ancient way. You can also make the sign of the cross after you receive holy bread of life.

What Should One Do After Returning to the Pew?

When you reach your pew after receiving communion, you should pray in thanksgiving kneeling. This is the greatest gift one can ever have in their life. There are many prayers after Communion, and you can recite any of them or else you can speak to God whatever you have in your heart.

Pews are the sitting place from where you listen the Mass. If you are interested in adding pews in your church or replacing the old ones, you can visit by clicking the link used church furniture.

As per the Vatican’s Congregation of Devine Worship and Discipline of the Sacraments recommended in 2003 that one is free to choose to sit or kneel after Communion. But many countries have different rules, so better to go with the congregation or keep the position of kneeling till the priest says, “Let us pray.”

If you were even unable to receive Communion, you can still go up there and get your blessings. The duty of the priest is to bless the entire congregation after the Mass is over. Those who wouldn’t be able to receive Communion, they are all free to join the line of Communion. When walking to the priest, you should cross your hands over your chest to let the priest know that you won’t be able to receive Communion.