Choosing the Right Ceiling Fan Size for Your Room

We do spend a lot of time in doing the interiors of our home and selecting the color, the furniture, the fabrics, the accessories, and even the lights. But we often fail to consider a ceiling fan as a part of the décor. Ceiling fans come in different styles and sizes, and it is important to choose the correct size for your room.

Sometimes we may choose a style that matches the décor perfectly but the size might be unnecessarily large or so small that it does not really serve its purpose. Here are some tips to help you choose the right-sized ceiling fan for a particular room.

Decide How Long Blades You Need

You can do this based on the size of the room; i.e., its measurement in square feet. If your room is less than 75 sq ft, use a ceiling fan that has a blade span between 29 and 36 inches. If the size of the room is between 76 and 144 sq ft, buy a fan with blade size of about 44 inches. In case of a medium to large sized room, ranging between 225 and 400 sq ft, the blade span of the fan should be 50 to 72 inches, 60 Inch Ceiling Fans being the most popular choice. Two of such fans should be installed in a room that is larger than 400 square feet, or you should consider 84 inch or even a 96 inch ceiling fan.

Check How High Your Ceiling Is

The size of the ceiling fan you need also depends upon the height of the ceiling since that will determine across what dimensions the air needs to be circulated. If your ceiling is very high, it’s better to select a fan that is suspended by a rod. However, if the ceiling is at a normal height, you can go for a standard sized ceiling fan that will stick low profile to the ceiling, instead of hanging down.

Remember Your Space Constraints

Large ceiling fans are trendy and circulate more air. However, you must consider the space and area you are buying the fan for. Check how much space you have, and choose a ceiling fan that can comfortably fit into that space to deliver the maximum wind speed. Remember that there should be a space of at least two to three feet between the walls and the blades of the fan.

Also Keep Your Room Interiors in Mind

Just like ceiling fans of every style do not suit all rooms, size of the fans also have an effect upon the interiors and décor of our home. If you purchase a very large fan, it will overcrowd the room and not let other features of the room show through. Similarly, if you choose a very small fan, it will not circulate the air properly and will look very odd and awkwardly placed.

Therefore choose a fan according to the size and décor of the area where you are planning to install it. Do not just go for the largest one in the store, but pick a size that will deliver the best in terms of velocity and structure.