Carpet Vs. Hardwood Flooring-What’s Best for Rockport Homes?

Here in Rockwood, we live a coastal lifestyle best suited for hardwood floors but for some reason carpet still holds its appeal. Here’s the perks of each type of flooring to help you decide which or what combination of hardwood and carpeting is best for Rockport homes.

The Pros of Hardwood Flooring

Easy to Clean:  Simply sweep or wipe away debris and dust with a broom and mop and give it a good waxing every so often.

Timeless Prestige:  Hardwood flooring is a classic that will never go out of style, and it is known to provide a more luxurious feel than carpet.

Refinishing and Resiliency:  Hardwoods can last for decades and even generations with proper care and periodic resurfacing and refinishing.

Low-Allergen Surfaces:  Carpet is a notorious harborer of dust, micro-particles and other allergens—an issue that is easily eliminated with hardwood flooring.

Ecologically Friendly Flooring:  Hardwood materials hail from trees that are renewable resources, but buyers need to make sure the wood is being responsibly harvested.

The Benefits of Carpeting

Warmth and Softness:  The cushiony feel of carpeting is amazing on bare feet, and it’s easier on weight bearing joints like knees and ankles. Furthermore, carpet insulates rooms better and is warm to the touch.

Safety Issues:  Harwood is unforgiving, but carpet is cushioned and also has padding beneath making it ideal for homes with seniors or small children.

Sound Reduction:  Carpeting reduces sound levels in rooms, which can be a huge pro within multiple-story or busy homes.

Economical Factors:  Carpet is much less expensive than hardwood flooring materials, but it must be replaced every few years depending on care routines and carpeting quality.