Buying Industrial Floor Sweepers in Mississauga

Most businesses that require industrial floor sweepers know that the decision to buy one is only half of the story. It’s important to work with companies that are big enough to offer the variety of products you need for your business, but also small enough to make you feel like a valued guest. Here’s what you need to look for when in the market for industrial floor cleaners in Mississauga.


It’s not enough to have a few standard industrial sweeper choices on display. You need to work with a business that understands the diverse needs Toronto area businesses face when it comes to keeping floors clean and in good repair. The right industrial cleaning equipment can make all the difference in the world when it comes to how long your floors maintain their beauty and their durability. With a variety of models from names you already know and trust, like Karcher and Kimberly-Clark, Roy Turk has a lot to offer you for all your floor cleaning needs.


Customer service may be a dying art in the greater Toronto area, but at Roy Turk, we believe in the time honoured traditions of outstanding customer service that go hand in hand with being a family owned and operated business since 1968. We believe it’s the personal touch we offer that has kept us successful for nearly 50 years as much as it is the outstanding selection of industrial sweepers and other great products we offer.

The service and support we offer for all of our products is unsurpassed in Mississauga and beyond. We will treat you like a member of our own family as we help you find the perfect cleaners, sweepers, and other products we offer as well as after we’ve made the sale. Our goal is always to make the process of buying these necessary tools for your business as pleasurable as possible so we will be the name you want to remember the next time you need to purchase one of the products we offer.  We even offer free delivery on many cleaning supplies and other janitorial equipment to businesses throughout Toronto.


Ultimately, many small businesses have limited budgets to work with. We understand this too and offer a wide selection of products that balance cost and durability to meet your budgetary needs. Whether you’re in the market for a walk behind floor scrubber or other type of industrial floor scrubber we have a huge selection of products available that will be cost-effective for your needs today – and as your business grows in the future.

At Roy Turk, we believe we offer the perfect combination of selection, service and price to meet the constantly changing needs of businesses throughout Mississauga. If you’ve never worked with Roy Turk, now is the perfect opportunity to explore our product selection and prices so you can see what you’ve been missing all along. Don’t make your next industrial floor sweepers purchase without first contacting us to see what a difference we can make for your shopping experience.