Buying bar stools? Don’t miss this easy guide!

As the name implies, bar stools are designed for use in bars. There are a bunch of choices out there, which can be a bit overwhelming for new buyers. It is important to understand that a bar stool is very different from a standard stool used for your kitchen table. Besides bars, such stools are also used in homes, offices, and restaurants. In this post, we will guide you on what it takes to pick the right bar stool.

  1. Start with the height. Bar tables are usually taller than regular tables, so measuring the size before checking for stools is of utmost importance. You can check 123ink bar stools for a good range of choices, but keep in mind that the size is measured from the floor to the actual seat of the stool. As such, it doesn’t matter how tall the backrest is.
  2. The number. How many bar stools do you need for the table or counter? This depends on the length of the table in particular, and as a standard norm, keep a space of at least 30 inches between each stool, so that people don’t have trouble reaching the counter, in case they need to, without disturbing those using the stools.
  3. Check the seat width. Now, this is another aspect that surely needs attention. Most of us have used bar stools that are not extremely comfortable, often because the seat is too small, especially for people with a bigger hip. Comfort is a factor, as you wouldn’t want users to feel crammed up when they are having their favorite drink. The width is usually between 15 and 21 inches but do consider that wider seats means more use of space.
  4. Backrest might be necessary. Whether you want to go for a bar stool with the backrest or not is a matter of personal choice. It goes without saying that backrests do add to the comfort, but again, when you are short on budget, simple bar stools are more than enough.
  5. Quality counts. Bar stools that are designed for commercial use are extremely durable and meant for heavy use. However, if you are buying for your personal use, going for a high-end choice might not be necessary. Check if the product has good reviews, and if possible, go for a few features that only make the stool better, such as a swivel base, comfortable padded backseats and lush upholstery.

Other things to note

Most of the better bar stools come with the option of adjustable height, which is a big plus for use with diverse tables and counters. Swivel bar stools are also great for conversations, and you may want to check if the product has other adjustable features. Design and style of the stool are also important for the aesthetics and décor of the room, which again should be considered with the functional elements and requirements in mind.

Finally, let’s talk about sturdiness and quality. Owing to the height of a typical bar stool, it is extremely necessary that the product is stable, sturdy and strong enough to balance the weight of the user. In the ideal case, don’t settle for something that’s too cheap or seems to have a good price because the manufacturers found ways to cut corners. Online stores have better deals, so check for that.