Bathroom: 7 keys to an Accomplished Renovation

Change of fixtures, new furniture, and tiling. The renovation of a bathroom is not to be taken lightly, the point on elements not to neglect to execute your project and make your renovation successful.

The bathroom has become a special area of the house, and at the time of complete renovation, it is essential to check each point and to take care of all detail. Follow our directions to remember nothing and approach your work with accuracy and precision. Check out to see what an ideal renovation should look like .Your bathroom will be a place of relaxation and well-being!

Plan any Eventuality

Different elements must be checked according to the age of the bathroom and its general condition. If you do notice unpleasant odors and signs of mold, then there might be a moisture problem. This type of inconvenience must be treated with the utmost importance when renovating your bathroom before thinking about covering walls and changing furniture.

Similarly, some installations require upgrading. It can be the water network or the e-network. Only a professional can explain what changes to expect and their cost.

Choose your New Equipment

Before choosing your new shower enclosure or bathtub, it’s paramount you check the adequacy with the existing elements: pipes and fittings. You must also worry about the pressure required to operate the new jet, the amount of hot water needed to provide for optimum use or the space available for the complete fixing of the device. Once again, the opinion of a bathroom renovation expert (plumber, specialized craftsman) is highly recommended to help you choose and install your new equipment.

There are now innovative solutions including massaging jets, a rain shower, and hand shower integrated on a single column. More advanced still, light therapy accessories and audio devices are designed to take up very little space in the cabin or on the wall of the bath. Recessed, in the cabin, the shower becomes pure pleasure.

Do not forget about the Toilet

A toilet is never too much. Easy to install and very trendy, the sets on the feet are finally compact. As for the suspended toilets, they allow isolating this intimate corner completely. To save space, you can for example favor pedestal sinks rather than a vanity unit, more cumbersome

Choose Products to Standards

Renovating your bathroom means in most cases changing your furniture and equipment. Take care to choose standard furniture and equipment. Controlled, tested for their efficiency, durability, standardized devices are moisture resistant {floor and wall tiles} and well thought out for all spaces. There are also anti-humidity and anti-odor solutions that are very effective over time and have undergone extensive tests proving that they are not toxic.