Basement Improvement

A basement can be a very useful place or a complete waste of space depending on what are you doing with it. Unfortunately, many of them end up as mere warehouses to store junk and aren´t used as any other room. But a finished basement, with a nice set of improvements can be as good as any other room, just follow these advices!

First, eliminate all leaks and make sure your basement is waterproof. The most common problem in a basement is exactly that so, before you start revamping your basement, make it waterproof. This is because a leak can create unhealthy conditions and also destroy your property. If you already have water on it, pump it out and then make sure you eliminate all leaks. Actually, for this you may need to hire a contractor because it is quite a difficult job.

Then start creating what you would do in any other room. Painting is very important and the kind and color of paint you use should be according to the use you want to give to your basement. Basements are a great playroom for kids because they are naturally insulated and noise is dampened very well, but it is also a very nice playroom for adults where you can store your videogames, pool tables etc. A nice poker room is also a brilliant idea if you like to play with friends!

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But it is not just a place that can be used for fun. A laundry room and an extra bathroom can be created here. A place for a good jacuzzi where you can relax, away from the noise, and away from people knocking the door because they have other needs for the bathroom. A great place with a fireplace and sofa, as well as a library are also a very good option for a place like this, as long as you have enough lighting.

Paint it and bear in mind that, due to their good insulation and poor ventilation you should take extra safety measures when you do so. Then upgrade lighting because most of them will have no natural light. In this case we will recommend you to use white light and light filtering Roller blinds, so that it doesn´t look so “closed”. However, it will really depend on the kind of room you want to create.

Create a good access to your basement if you are to use it often. Basements usually have poor access, like a trapdoor or tight stairs. Forget about them, if you want it to look like a regular room, create access to it as you would to a regular room. Even though this might be costly, you are going to end up with an extra room, and in some homes this room can be really big. It is not just a place to build a new room, but it is also a great investment with a great return on investment when you want to resell the house because you can make your house look really bigger!