Avoid these 5 common kitchen renovation mistakes!

Excited for a new kitchen? While kitchen renovation is often necessary, many homeowners end up making some silly mistakes. In this special post, we will talk about kitchen renovation mistakes you must avoid at all costs.

#1 – Not getting professional

Redesigning your kitchen from the scratch involves a lot of work, and any mistake with the planning can skew your budget and objectives. Avoid going for an all-DIY approach. Consider getting help from professional companies such as Cuisines Rosemère renovation cuisine. These companies can help with the design, planning and execution, which will further keep the budget in check.

#2 – Too much of open storage

Having amazing open shelves might be a great idea on paper, but would you really want people to see those old bottles, used utensils and stash of condiments? Covered storage is always ideal for most contemporary kitchens, because clutter can be kept away from the glare. Yes, you can have a few open shelves, but most things look best under cover. Also, make the most of the walls and space underneath the counter, instead of having standalone cupboards.

#3 – Not keeping enough counter space

You need a big counter – in fact, the biggest you can get. You would do most of the things on the counter – Think of chopping veggies, mixing foods, baking and arranging stuff. Even if you are not someone who cooks every day, having a big counter helps in sorting things, and you can also keep most of the regular within the reach.

#4 – Opting for high-maintenance materials

Your kitchen is a workspace of sorts, and it makes no sense to invest in materials that are high on maintenance. For example, if your countertop is made of white marble, it will absorb stains and will look unclean in no time. Similarly, you don’t need to have a wooden shelf right next to the water tap. Choose your material wisely, keeping maintenance and durability in consideration.

#5 – Following the trends blindly

You might have loved a photo in a magazine, but is it really practical for your kitchen? Always consider trends as a part of your planning process – Do not select an option, unless you have talked to the design experts. They might be able to scale it down for you or can offer practical tips, but eventually, everything doesn’t work for every space.

Make a shortlist of your requirements and expectations, and approach a service that’s experienced and can be relied upon!