Appealing Tour Videos for Your Real Estate Listings: How to Get Started

The real estate market is heating up at the moment. There is no doubt that there are some great opportunities to make money in real estate, especially with more buyers looking to purchase homes and other properties.

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As a homeowner, a lively market means you can get more money for your house. All you need to do is reach the right potential buyers, and that is best done with appealing photos and videos.

The latter – real estate videos posted on listings – is very popular. Videos are not only more appealing than photos, but they are also clearer and provide more information for the potential buyers. If you want to start making your own tour videos and other content for your listings, here are the tips to follow.

Get the Place Ready

You don’t want to shoot a tour video of a messy home; that is exactly how you scare potential buyers away. Before you pick up your camera and start collecting videos of the house, spend some time cleaning the place and adding personal touches to it.

You also want to add decorative items to make the video even more interesting. Simple things such as plants to make a room appear warmer or accessories to prevent your bookshelf from looking too empty are recommended.

Maximize Your Gear

Another thing about making real estate videos today is that you don’t need professional equipment to get started. You already have a capable camera in your pocket – I’m talking about your smartphone – and you can start shooting right away.

If you do want to invest in better gear, you’d be better off investing in a gimbal or stabilizer for your phone. Rather than posting shaky videos, you will be able to produce smoother tour videos that look incredible on your listings.

Watch the Flow

Whether you create an actual tour video where you explain every part of the house, or you just want to highlight the best features of the property, make sure you have a flow – or a storyline – in mind. Potential buyers need to find the video enjoyable to watch and a good flow is how you achieve that.

Rather than jumping from one room to the next, add transitions for a smoother flow. You can also add voiceovers or even appear in the video yourself to explain different features around the house. You can even add titles and other elements using Final Cut Pro plugins when editing on FCPX.

Add Summaries

Similar to creating a listing for your property, your real estate videos need to be both lovely to watch and informational. We’ve talked about some ways you can make your videos more pleasant in the eyes of potential buyers. Now, it is time to tackle the task of making it informational.

The easiest way to do it is by adding summaries – details about the property itself – to the beginning and the end of your real estate video. You can also divide the video into sections with unique titles and transitions.

Various studies on ecommerce and real estate websites revealed that listings or entries with videos are more attractive to potential buyers by a substantial margin. With these tips implemented properly, you can stay ahead of the real estate market and get your property the best offers on the market.