Aluminum Doors: Aluminium Bi-fold Doors Vs Sliding doors

In today’s home the modern glazed doors are becoming popular and the most sought after, whether bi-fold or sliding doors. To maximize natural light entrance to your home, you need these aluminum doors additions and having the best choice is very important. After all, we all need to show our beautiful home garden, but which is the best choice for your home? Each choice is excellent.

Main differences between bi-fold doors and Sliding doors


Bi-folds are an impressive and visually attractive alternative to traditional sliding doors.

In a sliding door, the glass ratio is more than the frame ratio while in a bi-fold the glass is less. If this aspect is vital to you, the sliding door is the best option. Bi-fold is the most common aluminium doors types ordered by many customers because they open the extension fully revealing more space. The aluminium sliding doors cannot open fully like bi-fold.


The price of the door rises as the door size gets bigger while the value of the aluminium doors is nearly the same for the same dimensions. For bigger sliding doors they become more expensive since the big single units of glass are costly.

Ease of access in and out

The aluminium bi-fold doors are easy to access in and out while the aluminium sliding doors seem more tasking especially if the door is heavy.


Aluminium sliding doors are making a major come back into 21 centuries. The sliding doors allow much light as possible due to their large glass panels. They take less space than bi-folding doors for their one-track slide.

Security and energy efficiency

Both the aluminium sliding and bi-folding doors are made to be secure and energy efficient. At Doorwins our energy efficient aluminium doors frames and glass will keep your home comfortable with whatever material you choose. We tailor your aluminium doors to your needs by providing high-quality products.