A Handy Guide for Spring Cleaning Your Storage Shed

Storage sheds allow homeowners to reclaim the use of precious space in their homes. Sheds, such as those available at https://bestshedsonline.com.au/, provide families with more room. Instead of piling up stuff in one corner of the house, families can move rarely-used things to the shed and enjoy prime real estate in their house again. When spring-cleaning, a shed is especially useful for holding items that will not be needed in the immediate future.

But how about if it is the shed itself that needs to be spring-cleaned? If you have had your shed for several years already, chances are that it needs decluttering too!

A plan for cleaning your shed

The more things you have, the more important a spring-cleaning plan for your shed will be. Since this will involve a lot of work, you will need to prepare accordingly to ensure that your cleaning gets done.

  1. Choose a sunny day. This is the most important step, so you can move about as freely as you need to.


  1. Empty the nest. Bring out every single thing inside the shed, so you will clearly see what you have to deal with.
  1. Sort as you go. As you bring each item out, decide whether you want to keep it, or donate it, or trash it. Assign a spot where you will put all the things that you will keep. Put the things that you will donate to boxes. Meanwhile, put discards into your trash bins or bags.
  1. Clean and cluster your chosen items. Wash or wipe the objects you will keep. Then sort them according to categories so that it will be easy for you to retrieve and use them.


  1. Scrub the shed. Using the top to bottom approach, clean the inside of the shed. Reach out and sweep away those cobwebs. Give the walls a thorough wipe down. Mop the floor. Then go out and hose down the outside of the shed, preferably with a pressurized washer. Don’t forget to wipe the door as well.


  1. As you are cleaning, keep your eyes peeled for anything that needs repairing. If you find something, be sure to have it fixed.


  1.   Plan where you will put the things you will keep (according to category) so you will be easily able to access them. Use your existing shelving to maximize space. To help keep the floor clean and easy to maintain, aim to have nothing on the floor. Consider using hooks, pegboards, and boxes that you can stack together.
  1. Find anything in five minutes by properly labeling things, especially those in containers.


When you have done all of the above, pat yourself on the back and congratulate yourself on your hard work. It is no easy task to clear out a shed. But remember, to keep your storage shed this way, you will have to regularly clean it!