8 Tips for Perfectly Clean Windows!

Clean, bright and without traces are the pride of every housewife. Window cleaning is not a complicated task. All you have to do is to know effective methods for getting clean windows and not making typical mistakes.

  1. The most popular way to make your windows look bright and clear is to use a glass cleaner and, optionally: paper towels, a rag or a rubber squeegee. You can also use a modern vacuum cleaner for windows. Careful wiping of the windows should be sufficient. However, the final effect depends on the quality of the cleaner, they do not clean all the windows as well and you have to remember that.
  2. Instead of buying a glass cleaner, you can use the dishwashing liquid present in every home. You can dissolve a small amount in a bowl of warm water and wash the windows, then dry. It is precisely thanks to dry wiping that no traces remain on the windows.
  3. An environmentally friendly method for those who do not like household chemistry – a microfiber cloth and a bowl of water. Microfiber, thanks to its unique construction, does not need detergents to remove the most stubborn dirt and grease that sometimes appears on windows. As in the case of dishwashing, there are two steps: washing and dry wiping.
  4. Another environmentally friendly way to have glossy windows is the use of lemon juice and water: half a glass of juice for a glass of water. The windows washed in this way will shine, but also give your interior a pleasant and fresh smell.
  5. Two teaspoons of vinegar for a glass of water is another environmentally friendly method of cleaning windows. Contrary to popular belief, vinegar does not smell at home. The vinegar evaporates quickly and its smell disappears already after a few minutes. Using vinegar is a good idea if the windows have not been washed for a long time.
  6. The very dirty windows that resist traditional chemistry and ecological solutions need something extra. To dissolve difficult dirt, you can grease the windows with linseed oil and let it sit for an hour. Then wash the windows with glass cleaner or washing up liquid.
  7. An express solution is the use of wet wipes for cleaning windows. Just wipe the windows and let them dry. This technique works well with moderately dirty windows.
  8. Car owners surely have windshield washer fluid in stock. It can also be used for window cleaning. Windshield washer fluid helps to remove dust, as well as traces of encounters with insects. They wash dirt and dust from the windows of the house as well. Their undeniable advantage is to give your window panes the properties of car windows – the dust settles more slowly, and the water flows without stopping on the windows.

Cleaning the windows is, despite everything, a tiring job. It is not light or relaxing. Therefore, it is better not to start washing the windows after a hard day’s work or a drop in shape and mood. You can as well consider giving out the job to professionals like Zachs Power Washing.