5 ways to remove dog odour from your carpet

Gone are the days when pets were viewed as just work companions and never allowed in the house. In today’s world, most people love to spend time with their pets. Besides cuddling your pet on the sofa to watch a TV show, you will find yourself snuggling with them in bed and even accompanying you in your car.

This one-on-one time with your pet might cause your furnishings to hold a distinct doggy smell. This may be awkward when you want to host a dinner party without subjecting your guests to any discomfort due to the awful smell. You can use the following easy tricks to eliminate the irritating dog smell from your carpet:

Vacuum the carpet

The first thing you should do when trying to eliminate dog odour from your carpet is to vacuum it thoroughly. The unpleasant smell could be coming from the pet’s dander and hair that is embedded in your carpet’s fibre.

When cleaning a large carpet, make sure that you use a full sized vacuum cleaner. However, you can use a handheld vacuum to clean small mats and throw rugs. Invest in a vacuum cleaner that is specifically designed for lifting pet hairs and comes with separate attachments for effectively tackling lounges and carpeted areas.

Use baking soda

Make use of the baking soda in your kitchen to neutralise odours that might be stuck in your rugs and carpet. Pour a layer of baking soda on your carpet. Leaving the baking soda on your carpet for about three hours will absorb the smell.

However, do not pour the baking soda to the entire carpet if the smell is only concentrated on one spot. Keep your dog off the carpet while the baking soda is left to set in. Baking soda can be harmful to your dog when ingested in large quantities.

All you need to do after the three hours is vacuum up the baking soda and with it hopefully the stale odour.

Consider professional dry cleaning

There are carpet cleaning experts who will use dry cleaning to get rid of stains and debris buried deep in your carpet. Letting professionals clean your carpet at least once a year prevents your carpet from harbouring hair and other remnants from your pet that could be odour inducing.

Electrodry, a carpet cleaning service in Brisbane, leave a fresh, lemon fragrance when they dry clean your carpets. This is after removing any hair debris from your carpet using their industrial-grade vacuums.

Use vinegar

Use vinegar instead of regular soap if you own a home steam cleaner. Vinegar is a cost-effective solution for getting rid of the smell coming from your carpet and making it look clean and brighter as well. Allow the vinegar to run through your carpet, then rinse with plain warm water.

However, test the vinegar effect in an inconspicuous area first to ensure it does not discolour your carpet. Even though vinegar doe not usually have any effect on carpets, it will not hurt you to be sure.

Use enzymatic cleaners

Enzymatic cleaners will help you to get rid of pet’s odour and debris effectively. Like the vinegar solution, test the enzymatic cleaners on a small patch before applying it to the entire carpet. Start by cleaning your carpet with vinegar to get rid of any residue buried in your carpet fibre.

Most enzymatic cleaners have labels of how they ought to be used. Treat your carpet with the enzymatic cleaner as per the given instructions.

You can opt for a pet-friendly enzymatic cleaner to keep your carpet safe for your pet after the treatment. You will find pet-friendly enzymatic cleaners in most local pet stores. Vet approved enzymatic cleaners are safe for pets and children.