5 Trendy Landscaping Ideas to Transform a Yard Into a Full-On Recreation Ground

The rise of people’s creative lifestyles has definitely boosted the value of lawns and yards in residential properties. The growing number of folks that prefer to stay at home shed light on the great recreational potential of these outdoor spaces.

So, it is not surprising that there are a lot of incredibly popular landscaping designs. You can easily find them on media sharing sites like Pinterest and Instagram. It is worth noting as well that innovative designs have been popping up and a lot of commercial establishments hire top general contracting companies to perfectly execute these unique landscaping designs.

If you are considering a makeover for your lawn to make it the hub of fun for your family and friends, trendy landscaping ideas are worth considering. They can be implemented even in small lawns but you will surely delight in the beauty and function these designs deliver. Listed below are five of them.

  1. Mini Countryside Moor

This is often described as a landscaping design for the lazy. Basically, you allow turf, wildflowers and even weeds to grow up to the height of your knees before taking the lawn mower to create a path which you will define.

It’s a charming landscaping idea to try because it recreates some of the gardens in the European countryside, especially if the path leads to a sitting area where you can have afternoon tea or some quiet meditation in the morning.

It also makes for a highly Instagrammable location, especially when you have young family members that enjoy taking artistic pictures of their funky fashion OOTDs in a rustic backdrop.

  1. Succulent Terraces

Succulents are some of the easiest plants to take care of. They do not require frequent watering and many of them really just thrive on their own. This is exactly why landscapers are finding new ways to integrate them into their design.

The current popularity of succulents has made them among the new favorites for land cover. One of the creative ways landscapers use them as a land cover is by planting different varieties of them on ascending levels of land – like terraces.

But if your yard does not naturally have “levels”, and you still want to create the look of succulent terraces, you can use logs or hollow concrete blocks to plant succulents in.

The final look is just as stunning because of the lovely shapes and colors that different succulent plants take. Some have an expansive shape and grow in this lovely mauve or lilac color, while some are in deep greens, chartreuse, blues, and pinks.

A succulent terrace is a great background to a play area or a fire pit where the family likes to gather around.

  1. Tile and Turf

Sectioning lawns with tiled and grassy areas is another trendy landscaping design that homeowners love. This lovely design is perfect for yards or gardens intended for socializing and outdoor dining.

The tiled area is where people sit and cook. Meanwhile, the grassy spots are ideal for lawn games such as putt-putt golf, lawn bowling, corn in the hole, and others.

  1. Badminton Court Turf

This landscaping idea was featured in the lifestyle magazine, Country Living. To clearly define the badminton court, two different kinds of turfs were used. The playing court had grass with finer blades like bahia, while the space surrounding it had grass with thicker blades like centipede.

This is an easy landscape design to create and it is not just suitable for playing badminton. You can make the court a venue for other lawn games or you can furnish that spot with outdoor furniture and pitch a portable canopy over it for a party.

  1. Japanese Zen Garden

Minimalism is at its height of popularity and Japanese Zen garden designs align beautifully with this design and way of life. But the wonderful thing about opting for a Zen garden is it does not rely completely on turf or plants. It uses sand, gravel, and rocks to depict nature settings.

Moreover, you can change its design to fit your style or your mood. You can change the stone and rock arrangements, as well as alter the “drawn” images on the sand and gravel. You can get a lot of enjoyment decorating your Zen garden as you wish because it really is just a matter of shifting things around, which is actually difficult to do with traditional landscape designs.

Indeed, a beautifully landscaped outdoor space can bring more enjoyment out of staying at home and help you create beautiful memories with your family and friends. Hopefully, the ideas cited here help you with your yard makeover.


Rachel Hennessey manages the Pools and Landscaping Division of Hennessey LLC. She also works on Tender and Pre-Qualification and brings in new business to the company’s Construction, Interiors and Civils Division.