5 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Pendant for Lighting A Kitchen Island

The Kitchen Island, peninsula or table is one of the most active parts of the kitchen and you need to plan carefully when choosing the perfect lighting pendant. This is not much of a difficult task; exercising your imaginative capacity can go a long way to help you create a pleasant effect that you can be proud of. Your kind of kitchen also determines the perfect lighting for your Kitchen Island, even choosing Moooi Canada designs. However, the following tips can guide you in picking the perfect pendant that will suit your kitchen island.

#1: Consider the shape and size of your kitchen island

Not all pendants work for all kitchen islands. If you have larger islands, you don’t have to consider teeny pendants because they won’t provide adequate lighting for your kitchen peninsula. It is better you use larger oversized lights, whether you have a small or large island because they help to liven up any kind of neutral kitchen and their impact cannot be over-emphasized.

#2: Look into the intended functions of the kitchen island

If you intend to have a buffet on your island, you don’t have to go for brighter task lightings; an ambient or softer understated light will provide a cool feel for your guests. But in cases where your kitchen island will be used majorly for food preparation, you need much illumination to ensure you are doing the right thing. However, a versatile and adaptable light is most appropriate for kitchen islands that are multifunctional.

#3: Look beyond the rule of 3

Most modern kitchens are now designed with three little hanging lights over the island; the major principle is to repeat elements three times. This is where you need your imagination because rules are meant to be broken. When you have a small kitchen island, you can hang two larger pendants that will provide you with the much-needed illumination. Pulling all the competing elements together to have a balance is the major thing. Look into kitchen design magazines to find a suitable option.

#4: Try dimmer switches

Flexibility is also very important. During meal preparation, you can have a bright light and during dining, you can switch to an ambient atmospheric light.

#5: Consider the shape and size of the pendant

There are different feels that pendants can create on the island depending on the glass material. Pendants with colored glasses will usually add a bit of pizzazz unlike those with clear glasses that create an elegant and sparky feel. Latest pendants add a bit of muscle to suit both traditional and modern kitchens, however, smaller kitchens are best lighted with the retro style globe pendants due to the fact that they do not overwhelm.