5 reasons to opt for lift and slide doors for your patio

If you are thinking to install sliding doors for your patio, you need to decide how your doors slide open and close. You can choose between the inline sliding doors or the most recent lift and slide patio doors.

The beautiful range of NeuFenster lift and slide doors meet the essential requirements of every single home. These lift and slinging doors for patio come with various styles and designs. As per requirement, one can choose from two to six or more panels to make beautiful and stunning sliding doors. These doors will give you ample natural light and brightness because of their large glass panels.

If you think why one should opt for lift and slide doors, then the below-mentioned advantages will make you in love with these doors.

Save space
For the small properties, lift and slide doors can save a lot of space. There is no folding and hinged system in these doors unlike a swing or folding door. Apart from this, these doors offer more secure and useful features than a normal French or bi-folding door.

Better view with Large Glass Panels.
Lift and slide doors have larger glass panels than any other types of doors. If you want to make the most of your view and want to make a large glazed extension, then these doors are best suited for your home. These doors offer bigger glass area with less aluminum sight line and more light.

Latest and Advanced

These doors have more advantages as compared to French doors or bi-folding doors. These doors are very long lasting, efficient and more secure.

Seamless operation

NeuFenster lift and slide doors come with advanced hardware and gearing system. This means the heaviest door is easy to slide and close or to lift. With the advanced roller mechanism, one can easily lift the door and with the best door mechanism in place, it is very easy to operate the door.

With the best mechanism and features, these doors provide proper ventilation which helps in maintaining the atmosphere of your beautiful house with full security.

Apart from the above-mentioned features, there are more features which are mentioned below:
Tested with latest standards and Highly secured
Easily integrates with windows and doors
Available with motorized operations.
Tested for air, water and wind penetration.
Unlimited choice of coolers

Final Words
All the above features make this door as the best door with complete security. For those who were thinking of installing these doors can go ahead and order with the color you love. Give your home a new look now.