5 Mistakes to Avoid on Moving Day

No matter how hard and long you prepared for your upcoming relocation, you won’t help but feel anxious during the actual moving day. You will feel sad that the day has come for you to leave the place you’ve called home for several years. At the same time, you will also be excited about the thought of starting a new life in a different place.

Because of the different emotions you will feel during moving day, you might make some mistakes that can undo all your hard work and make this day a disaster.

Knowing the possible mistakes you can make on moving day will help you avoid them and the issues and delays they can cause. The best removalists from Sydney share five mistakes you have to avoid below:

1.Packing a few boxes before the movers arrive

Although you may have packed everything you need from your bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, and living room, you may have postponed sorting and packing the things you need from your garage such as your gardening, electrical, and car repair tools.

Even if you don’t have too many items to pack from this room, don’t make the mistake of packing them on the actual moving day. If you do, you will only rush the packing process.

In addition, you will end up packing your expensive tools improperly and haphazardly, making them more susceptible to damage. You will end up feeling more stressed out and tired from this last-minute task as well.

2.Not knowing the items that your removalist are not allowed to transport

Moving companies are not allowed to transport everything and they are particular about this. Specifically, they will not accept goods that can compromise the safety of the people involved in the move or can endanger the quality of the item to be moved between the two homes.

These may include:

  • Hazardous, flammable, or explosive materials such as chemicals
  • Corrosive items
  • Perishable foods
  • Plants
  • Valuable and irreplaceable items

To avoid the hassle of sorting through the boxes you already carefully packed to remove any of these objects, make sure you have a list of non-allowed items from your removalist in advance.

3.Wondering if your possessions have sufficient coverage

It is a universal truth that anything can happen on the road; even the most trusted interstate removalists might happen to have a bad day. To avoid worrying about your possessions being damaged while in transit, it is important that you are aware of the insurance options you have.

Start by asking your moving company the type of coverage they offer as standard. If you want to get household contents insurance for better coverage, ask your removalist if they provide this. If not, you can get it from a third party insurance company.

4.Not packing an overnight bag

After a long journey to your new home, the last thing you may feel like doing is to start unpacking some boxes. However, you will still need to change your clothes, take a bath, or prepare something to eat. You can do all these easily without unpacking any box by preparing an overnight bag.

Make sure you place toiletries, pajamas, a change of clothing, slippers or comfy shoes, and medicines and supplements in this bag. You will also do well to pack a separate bag or kit for some ready-to-eat or easy to cook food, plastic kitchen utensils, some cleaning materials and supplies, screwdrivers, a wrench, hammer, flashlight, and anything you may need to do some tinkering in your new home.

5.Failing to prioritize safety on moving day

Lastly, time may seem to fly by on moving day; you and your movers will be going in and out of your home, carrying and moving boxes and other items. Because of this, you and your removalists are at risk of getting injured.

To avoid accidents during this important day, clear the hallways in your home and the pathways outside of any obstacles that may endanger the safety of anyone involved in the move. In addition, make sure the walking routes are free of any dust, water, mud, and ice.

If you have young kids, keep them as far away from the moving day madness as possible. Bring them to the home of a family member, a close friend, or even your neighbor so that they won’t get in the way. You can do the same if you have a dog or cat.

Finally, if you want to help with carrying some items, always practice proper lifting techniques. Make sure you wear a comfortable pair of closed shoes with good traction and anti-slip soles. Put on heavy-duty working gloves as well to protect your fingers and hands against any injury.

By minimizing and avoiding the mistakes listed above, you will experience a smooth, stress-free move. You will also be more prepared for your first day or night in your new home as well.


Robert Wise, Sales Administration Manager at Nuss Removals, has been a respected figure in the removals industry for over 20 years. His attention to detail and the ability to truly understand the needs of the customer have ensured the successful relocation of thousands of satisfied individuals and families. For moving and storage across Australia and around the world, Robert’s wealth of experience ensures his customers are in safe hands.