5 Items That Can Produce the Worst Carpet Stains

Not all carpet stains are built the same. Some spills are less impactful and damaging than others, but there are a few substances that you don’t want to get on your expensive floor coverings for fear you’ll never be able to lift them out. 

Now any spill or accident can be eliminated or mostly eliminated from a carpet these days, what with all of the cleansers and cleaning equipment that is available to deal with the problem. However, the best plan of attack outside of complete avoidance is immediate response. If something spills on your carpet, clean it up as fast as possible. 

Tending to the stain prevents it from setting into the fibers and keeping it from developing into a lasting stain that will remind you of the fateful day that cranberry juice spilled over. A delay in picking up that juice allows it to soak into the carpet material and that can make it much more difficult to clean. 

With that in mind, here are the five items that can produce the worst carpet stains. Each one posing a significant threat that can remain for as long as you own your carpeting. All spills present some level of danger to the well-being of your floor coverings, but these five can really do some serious harm. 

1. Fruit-Based Substances

This is a wide-ranging category and one that doesn’t even incorporate every fruit out there. Spilling some orange juice on the shag isn’t going to be catastrophic. It’s berry and grape-based beverages that can do the most significant damage. 

Wine stains can be incredibly difficult to remove. The same with grape juice or fruit punch. Those deep burgundy and purple hues just never quite seem to get lifted from the fibers entirely. You can clean the spot a few dozen times and there may still be a faint discoloration in that area. 

In order to avoid that from happening, take instant action to absorb the spill and then depending on how much was spilled and how quickly you got to it, you can use any number of professional, store-bought, or homemade cleaners that are available to lift the stain from the material. 

A wine or juice stain only gets stubborn the longer you let it sit. Cleaning the spill after it has just occurred leaves you with more options for fighting its resilience. 

2. Blood And Bodily Fluids

Sounds gross but it looks worse. The natural crimson hue of human blood can really stick around in a carpet and become even more noticeable as it darkens when it dries. Much like with wine, blood stains are here to stay unless you pick them up as fast as you can. 

The same goes for other bodily fluids that might get on the carpet, some of which may come from other members of your household who have four legs instead of two. 

3. Pet Messes

Pets are lovable and they bring joy to our lives, but they can also be responsible for making messes on the carpet with vomit or urine and feces. Unfortunately, these messes also come with the additional component of foul odors that can permeate the carpet and remain there along with the visual reminders of what happened. 

Cleaning up these types of messes are particularly important when they come from pets. That’s because the scents that accompany urine and feces not only set in and become very hard to eliminate but the aroma can act as an indicator that tells your pet it’s okay to do his or her business in that same spot on a routine basis. 

Animals will return to the scene of the crime if they can still detect even the faintest urine or fecal odor and will do their business in that same part of the carpet over and over. If that happens, the repeated pet messes are only going to damage the carpet further and result in permanently installing the aroma of urine and/or feces which may then never be removed, no matter hard you try. 

4. Coffee

Much like wine, coffee is one of those beverages that we drink so often, odds are it’s bound to spill on the carpet eventually. Just like wine, they can leave behind discolorations on you carpet fibers that can come in the form of brownish or yellowed spots that don’t seem to fade no matter how hard you try. 

That is why you need to absorb coffee spills very quick but be careful about picking up the spill as the coffee may still be hot. So take precautions as you blot at the spill to raise it from the fibers of the carpet’s surface. 

5. Ink

Finally, the thick and viscous quality of standard ink as found in most types of common household pens can make it very challenging to remove from most carpets. Although many ink types can be removed from carpeting, it takes thorough cleaning to completely eliminate the stains from view. 

Small ink spots are easier to eradicate than larger stains but it’s important to take the proper steps towards cleaning the carpet or else the stain will persist. 

Once you’ve gathered the excess moisture from the areas, you can apply your preferred type of cleanser to the spot to make sure no stain is left behind. But it’s not always enough to do the job yourself. 

Tough carpet stains may require a professional’s touch and there are a number of environmentally friendly carpet care services that can give your carpet the attention it needs to totally erase the unseemly stains left behind by errant spills and messes. 

You can also rent professional level cleaning machines to get the stains out and give your carpet the level of clean that won’t just take out the stains but eliminate all bacteria, germs, grime, dirt, and dust from your carpet materials. This can be particularly beneficial for homes with high foot traffic on a regular basis.