5 Essential Benefits Of Using A Bidet

Time and again, it was proven that toilet and bidet combo have a lot of advantages and benefits. But what is a bidet toilet? It is a toilet that washes you, and a toilet that sprays you after you use so you don’t have to go down there and wipe. It helps to decrease the chances of you getting some germs and bacteria.

The bathroom bidet, pronounced as ‘bathroom beday’ was once a simple washbasin in France during the 1600s. Nowadays, about 80 percent of Japan homes have this innovation. Some of the units sold here are taken to the United States. A lot of Asian countries are using it in public establishments aside from their homes. Apart from this, the Middle East and Latin America love bidets.

Not many nations see the bidet toilet as a necessity. But in the coming year, this will soon change. More and more bidets are invading American homes.

If you are considering buying a bidet for yourself, here are some of its benefits and answers to the question ‘what is a bidet for?’. Afterward, you can decide on your own whether you want to buy one for yourself and your family or not.

Provide Comfort

Bidets provide a new level of comfort to its users. Paper towels are often abrasive and painful to use. Compared to this, a splash of water can be more refreshing and comforting. The water coming from the bidet is better than tissue paper that contains added perfume and chemicals which can be dangerous to a person’s health.

More Hygiene

Yes, of course! Since water can clean better than paper, say goodbye to fecal debris left on your bottom after you use the bathroom. Water can wash dirt and make you feel clean. It makes one feel more confident and cleaner, too.

Reduce Paper Waste

Do you love the environment and nature? If you do, do the world a favor and stop using and buying toilet papers. Thousands of trees are cut to produce tissue paper. With a lesser demand, fewer trees can be cut down.

Boost Confidence

A boost in confidence is in particular to those who just had a medical operation or a surgery. One way to boost confidence is to use a bidet. Patients don’t need to be assisted and can wash themselves hands-free. Seniors who are a little shy with a caregiver can use the bathroom by themselves. It might be a small feat, but it helps them regain their independence. That’s what’s more important.

Help Relieve Health Discomforts

Water provides less abrasion and irritation when compared to toilet paper. People who suffer from hemorrhoids can feel a bit better when using a bidet. It can even help them recover from such discomforts.

Not only that, but the toilet water spray from a toilet bidet helps lessen discomfort caused by dysmenorrhea. Compared to wet or dry tissue, the water feels fresher. It also applies to new mothers who have just given birth. A bidet provides a more relaxing and soothing comfort that no paper can provide.

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