5 Easy Ways to Upgrade Your Home

You spend a majority of time in your home and it can serve a variety of purposes. Furnishing is the most important part of your home and it can tell a lot about who you are and how you treat your guests. Have you ever wondered why you prefer to enjoy a hotel’s lounge area and rooms over your own home? The secret is furnishing tricks. Here are five easy ways to upgrade your home and impress your guests.

1. Modern Furniture
You may have noticed luxury hotels keep fresh by constantly furnishing their rooms and spaces with modern furniture. It is important to keep your home looking updated and welcoming with modern furniture. Fashion is always changing and keeping around old chairs, coffee tables, shelves from over ten years ago can really give your home a dated look. You will feel stuck in the past keeping around all this old furniture. Consider adding new and modern looking furniture to your home. They can be purchased at any furniture store or website like Danetti.

2. Spacing
Even if you have modern furniture in your home, overcrowding many pieces in one small area can give off an unharmonious feeling. It is important to give each item its own space away from others. This way your modern furniture gives off a simplistic look and each one gets to be the star of its space, and won’t go ignored around other items. It will also be easier to maneuver around your home if your furnishing is space out wide enough, making it feel larger. When you look at homes in movies and television, you will notice modern and futuristic homes are pleasing to the eye because the furniture is spaced out expansively among each other.

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3. Picking a Theme
It’s nice to add pieces to your home about things you like and your hobbies, but it is also important to keep a home theme. Avoid turning your home into a jumbled mess of things, leaving your guests to ask, ‘what is going on in here?’ Be careful of hoarding items and pieces of furniture you are unnecessarily attached to. Maintain a theme for each room of your house. If your livingroom’s theme is sleek with colors of black, white, and touches of red for a nice pop, then avoid adding centerpieces or knickknacks that don’t match this theme. It is also important to note that a few centerpieces can be fun, but having too many can make your home space feel a bit too busy.

4. Comfort, Utility, and Aesthetic
When shopping around for home furnishing pieces, consider something that balances the ‘big three’: comfort, utility, and aesthetic. When considering a new potential furniture item, check to make sure it has a nice balance in all three of the areas and isn’t skewed too far into one. All three are very important and picking items that are pure aesthetic can sacrifice comfort and be useless, or picking something that is too comforting with no aesthetic can be ugly. Try to keep the balance or you will quickly find yourself with buyer’s regret.

5. Simple and Clean
It’s not enough to just have a home with modern furniture and spaces. You need to show your home some love with daily cleaning and maintenance. Avoid cluttering your tabletops with trash. Keep your home looking very clean and simple to give it a nice and refreshing look that won’t scare off your guests. Having a clean home can also have other benefits like reducing stress and increasing productivity and has even shown to aid in falling asleep quicker.

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