5 Easy Steps to Light Your Furnace

Can’t feel the heat in your house? Don’t know why your furnace may not be working? Don’t assume the worst, it may not be damaged. Perhaps, it got turned off for some reason. All you need to do is light it back up.

Follow the below mentioned steps to light your furnace easily and your heat will be back in no time.

  • Follow the Instructions under the Furnace Door Cover

Before you try anything else, your first step should be to check the instructions mentioned on the furnace door cover. The main reason for that is this that all furnaces have different makes and models and applying the same steps to each may not be prudent. So, you should check if any specific guidelines have been mentioned on your furnace before you apply the common guidelines.

  • Turn the Gas Off

Once, you have made sure no extra instructions have been made for lighting your particular furnace proceed to turn the gas off. When you open the furnace door, you will find a pilot valve body. It should be somewhere near the burners.

You can easily identify it by a knob and a red button usually placed there for reset.

When you will open your furnace door for the first time, you will see the knob that reads three options. ‘On’, ‘pilot’ and ‘Off’ respectively. Currently, the knob will be on the ‘On’ option. Simply, move it to the ‘Off’ option and wait for about a minute.

  • Find a Proper Match

Once, all the remaining gas has cleared out from the furnace, you should look for the pilot. It is generally beside the burners. Half your job is done when you have identified the pilot. Then, you should find a lighter or a match stick whichever is available with you. Try using a kitchen lighter as it is longer than a cigarette lighter as the pilot is mostly quite out of reach. If you don’t have a lighter, try to use a matchstick generally for fireplaces so you don’t end up burning yourself while trying to light your furnace.  

  • Light the Pilot

After you have the matchstick ready, turn the knob on the pilot valve body to ‘Pilot’. This is the knob that was previously set to ‘Off’.

Then light the match and press the red reset button on the valve body and don’t let go. Place the match at the mouth of the pilot and wait until the pilot lights. All the while, keep the reset button pressed. Don’t let go of the rest button even when the pilot lights up. Keep holding it for at least 30 seconds. Release it slowly making sure that the ignited flame remains intact.

After releasing the reset button, turn the knob on the valve body to ‘On’. The flame will spread from the pilot to the burners automatically.

  • Reset Your Thermostat

The final step is the easiest. You have already lighted the furnace. All you need now is to turn your heat back on. So, set your thermostat to ‘heat’ and feel your house getting warmer again.

Lighting a furnace is not that complicated but it is still a bit dangerous if you don’t know your way around the furnace and its burners. It is always a good idea to rely on professional help for your own safety. AC repair workers has 24/7 availability to take care of all your HVAC issues. There’s no point in taking risks. Stay safe and stay warm!