4 Affordable Ways to Brighten Up Your Home

As the prices of goods increases constantly, renovating and fully overhauling your place might not be the best idea. Working with a tight budget does not necessarily mean you have to forego decorating your home. Using these four affordable ways, you can finally breathe life into your space.

Hang Some Art

One of the easiest ways to make your home cosier and more lived in is adding some art. Whether you want to create a gallery wall made from old family photos or simply by printing artwork off the internet, you can effortlessly display these mementos inside your home. You can use old picture frames and simply paint these in a new colour. White and a light brown shade can work well together. If you want to channel a more bohemian chic meets rustic trend, you can just use some leftover craft twine and hang these using washi tapes.

Install Roller Blinds or Other Window Fixtures

You might be wondering how installing window fixtures can brighten up the home. As a matter of fact, you might be thinking that these coverings can only hinder natural light from coming in. However aside from zipscreen blinds, Townsville roller blinds together with the right amount of light and airy curtains can do wonders for your space. Aside from allowing light to enter, these fitting also give your family the privacy you need.

Update Old Fixtures

If you have long been annoyed about the rusty, rickety and dull fixtures in your home, you may want to update these right away. Whether these are doorknobs, kitchen cabinet handles, drawer pulls and light switches, putting a creative twist to these certainly won’t break the bank.

You can scour vintage shops to see some quirky and eclectic items to update your fixtures. All you need to do is screw out the old ones and replace these with your new finds. However, if you are up for more changes, hiring spray painters in Sydney to add golden hues or a warm rose gold colour paint makes a huge difference.

Bring in Plants

Millennials are all about being plant-obsessed individuals. In fact, studies show that at least 31% of houseplant sales can be credited to this generation. Whether they are at home or at work, they seem to be magnetised to these leafy plants. If you want your place to exude warmth and cosiness, bringing in some house plants can work in your favour. Aside from adding life, these can also rid your space of toxins, allowing you and your family to breathe some fresh air.

If you have a limited area, why not get creative? You can mount extra shelving above or under your windows and you can even have planters hanging from your curtain rods. You can also install a succulent or herb wall in your kitchen. A great bonus would be having the convenience of using these fresh herbs whenever you need some for cooking.

Don’t let budget constraints get you down. By doing these nifty tricks, you can a lot of time and money whilst enjoying the new look of your home.

Author: Carrie Sze