10 Decorating Mistakes That You Frequently Do


Decorating or designing is a subjective matter. If a decor setting is elegant for you, perhaps it is not beautiful for another person. Therefore, saying that there is a guidebook that defines the decoration and designing of a property is not correct.

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However, sometimes it so happens that the current décor setting of a particular area doesn’t match the overall theme of the abode. Also, when unnecessary décor items or highlighters are placed in the room, they ruin the whole elegance of the place. There are a plenty of similar mistakes that an individual makes while ornamenting his place.

Here we have compiled 10 décor mistakes that most of us do.

Same Fabric Everywhere: A Big No!

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A lot of people like to have same décor theme in every room and nook of their abode and this is not wrong because this is exactly what should be done. However, if you have a large piece of cloth with an elegant pattern on it and plan to use it for your:

  • Curtain
  • Upholstery
  • Pillows
  • Sofa Covers

It’s time to stop and think! Ensuring the fabric of your curtain co-ordinate with that of your pillow is perfectly fine, but that doesn’t mean that it has to be exactly the same. Look for variations. Try to find a lighter shade or same color fabric with a different pattern.

Do You Want Paint To Give You Pain?

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Just because a wall color looked amazing in the catalog, it is not a sound reason to finalize it. Hire a professional to paint your walls with the same color. Indeed, this is one such mistake that many individuals do. A little variation from the catalog and the color will spoil the whole look for of your abode. Also, there are a large number of shades for a particular color, therefore, make sure that you get them tested on your wall before finalizing one.

Pushing Furniture against the Wall

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Many folks have the habit of pushing their furniture pieces against the wall. These furniture pieces usually are:

  • Bed
  • Sofa Set
  • Chairs
  • Drawer Tables

If you are one of these people, then stop doing that. If you believe that by pushing furniture against the wall, you are creating more space in your room, then you need to know that it is opposite to your belief. When there is nothing in the center of the room, it opens up a chasm of hollowness. Therefore, arrange your furniture strategically and let there be cozy bantering sessions in your home.

Avoid a Large Number of Small Frames Together

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Many of us want to showcase our captured memories and moments together. We frame those moments and place them on the blank staircase wall or hang them together in our living room. This is one of the biggest mistakes we make when we decorate our homes. This is so because:

  • This is your home and not a photo exhibition
  • One cannot concentrate on one image
  • It is never encouraged by the professional designers to make a cluster of frames

Instead you can hang a large frame on the wall. Or if you do not want to frame your memory, you can turn that into a wallpaper or wall sticker and paste it all over the space.

Cramming Your Place with Excessive and Unnecessary Furniture

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Perhaps you have an inclination towards furniture but avoid packing your space with excessive furniture.

  • Chairs everywhere in your room
  • Drawers and cabinets in excess
  • More than one center table in your living room

If you have any of the cases mentioned above, then figure out a way to get rid of excess furniture. Either transfer it to your lawn or distribute the pieces equally in every room.

Remember, the key to elegant décor is to keep things simple and subtle.

Ditch Fake Flowers

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If you have fake flowers at your place, then replace them with fresh flowers. Or interestingly, you can replace flowers with fresh fruits. The replacement is quite necessary because:

  • Fake flowers catch excessive dust
  • They give a cheap impression

Hence, if you are a true flora lover, buckle up to rotate fresh buds every day through your space.

Avoid Consistent Pattern Use

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It is great that you admire patterns very much. However, there is a need to understand that when you choose a particular pattern for everything and everywhere, it creates chaos in your décor setting. Thus, it is very much essential to keep a perfect balance between a solid color and patterns. For instance,

  • If you have a solid color on your wall, ensure that you have a pattern on your curtain or vice versa.
  • If you have a pattern or stripes on your ceiling, then avoid the same on the walls.

All in all, try to vary one thing by keeping another constant.

Not Having Multiple Lighting Source

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If you have an elegant chandelier or overhead light in, let’s say, your bedroom, it doesn’t mean you would keep that room deprived of other lighting options. Try to incorporate different levels of lighting in your room. Some of the lighting options are:

  • Scones
  • Table Lamps
  • Energy efficient lighting options such as CFL or LED
  • Overhead Lighting
  • Chandelier

All these light options take your room effortlessly through the day, night and morning.

Disproportionate Décor Items

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Décor items or furniture pieces that are either too small or too big make the room feel off somehow. For instance,

  • Placing a giant led TV in a showcase that is quite small
  • A large vase in a small and simulated in-house garden
  • Establishing a small idol on a large table

In these cases, either you are making the décor items invisible for the naked eyes or allowing them to steal the thunder of your showcase or furniture pieces. Therefore, choose the area in your home where the décor item’s size looks appropriate.

Thus, it is quite necessary to maintain the size ratio between the decorative pieces and place or furniture where you are keeping them for display.

Hanging Artwork above Eye Level

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A good thumb rule is that a piece of art or a frame should be hanged at an eye level. Now, that simply means three things:

  • The bottom of the frame or artistic piece shouldn’t hit the eye level
  • The spectator should not crane his neck to look at your art piece
  • The frame or art piece should exactly be in front of the onlookers

All in all, you need to ensure that the spectator can comfortably look at your work.

Don’t Be Worried of a Mistake. Be Bold Enough to Rectify It.

It is said that when you make a mistake, you learn. Thus, don’t worry when you make mistakes. Be it décor or any other sphere of life, you don’t make mistakes intentionally. Go ahead and have your own dream design. However, make sure to incorporate some of the tips mentioned above in order to keep décor mistakes at bay.


People avoid undertaking décor of their homes because they believe that they might end up making a costly mistake. Check out these decorating mistakes that people generally make and related solutions to avoid or rectify these blunders!