What Does Pest Control Really Mean For Home Improvement?

People often get the misconception that pest control means a pest will never be seen again in your home if you hire a pest controller. It would be amazing if that were true, however, the reality is slightly different.

It depends on the issue

Pest activity varies after a treatment, and also depends on how severe the pest issue was in the first place. A great example is when a pest control provider creates a barrier of product around the home to help keep pests out.
This on no level means that the pests will never again enter the property, but when a pest passes through this barrier they will die shortly after. This means they won’t be around long enough to nest and start an infestation in your home.

If you’re already experience a pest control problem, it may take multiple treatments to remove the pests completely. One treatment could kill of the current pests that are already active, but if they’ve nested then it will take time to get rid of the eggs and then finish off the rest of their life cycle.

‘Control’ means many different things

Your definition of control will determine how much and how many and what kind of pest control treatments you require. If you see an ant in your home, this may be acceptable to you so you wouldn’t need any treatment. However, if you saw a fly or cockroach in a restaurant, sightings would be completely unacceptable on any level.

You need to determine what level of activity you can live with, then adjust your treatments accordingly. Most importantly, understand it takes time to control pests around the home.

Location is a factor

Where the infestation is occurring around your property may cause the treatment time and expectations for results to change as well. There’s a huge difference in treating pests outside the property than treating ones that are already inside causing havoc.

Products that can be used outdoors may be dangerous to use indoors. It’s much easier to maintain a pest free home than to clean it out when there’s an active infestation.

It takes time and, more likely than not, multiple treatments if you already have a pest infestation. If you only have a few occasional sightings it will take much less to maintain the level of control you’re looking for in the long term. You can find plenty more excellent tips over at our recommended pest control website Empire Pest Control, where they have a blog with loads of really useful info and advice.